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The Palestinian-American director Talal Jabari has made a documentary on the health problems caused by cellular phones and cell phone towers. You can watch the trailer for this award winning movie on the official movie website http://fullsignalmovie.com/index.html. Some brief interviews can be listened to here: http://fullsignalmovie.com/news.html.


Dangerous Mobiles - Australian Research

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 BBC Panorama on the dangers of WIFI computer networks in classrooms

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 You can find the other parts of this broadcast on Youtube


The European Union are working on a standard for exposure from mobile phones/ cell phones.  Watch this video, - it is an eye-opener.  http://www.europarltv.europa.eu/yourParliament.aspx?action=ViewVideo&PackageId=dc2851a5-d4d7-48b7-9769-ecc7e37e3a6b 


60 Minutes Australia:  Mobile Phone Dangers (Wake-up Call)



 Dangers of WIFI in Schools, by Dr George Carlo

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