Water Filters

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Water is the solvent of life.  We consist to around 70% of it.  Without it, we would die within a short time.   It is essential to drink healthy, pure water, - not the processed chemical cocktail that comes out of our taps.

Water filters can be installed for all purposes and budgets. 

You may  just want a simple under-bench model that filters out just about everything but fluoride, or you might want to go for a reverse osmosis model which gives you the most wonderful, purest water.

There are also solutions for the whole house, to give you have filtered water out of every tap.  This is particularly effective in filtering the chlorine out of the shower water.  With the warm water and steam, you breathing in, and your skin pores wide open, chlorinated compounds can be quite harmful.

For all water filter solutions, please call or email...   there is too much to list here.  

Whichever your choice of filter, we are able to give you a 10% discount on the retail price.