Foil RDF 99 Premium

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The high-tech foil RDF 99 Premium with high gold and silver content and amazing shielding properties but very high transparency.

The construction of this RDF 99 foil achieves unprecedented levels of light transmission and EMR shielding!

  • Light transmission   72%
  • EMR shielding (200 mHz to 10 GHz) 29 to 48 dB, which corresponds an efficiency of 99% to 99.999%
  • UV transmission     <1%
  • Summer U-value        .9
  • Winter U-value         1.0

Self-adhesive, easy to install.
For shielding against HF radiation from mobile phone transmitters, TV, radio, radar, military installations.


Note that this product comes off the roll at a width of 1.219 m (and 1.52 m).   Price by running meter (for 1.219 m width).

Shipping is much less for the 1.2m wide roll, as it usually slips through the post office rules....

Discounts apply for larger orders.  Please ask for a quote, as the pricing depends very much on the size and number of windows.  We quote including and excluding installation, in case you want to use your own installer.

Please email for further details or quotations.

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