Urine - Holy Water

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Don't read this book -
if you feel well, if you are slim and have beautiful skin, if you have no allergies, no depression, no asthma, no psoriasis and if you never expect to be bitten by a poisonous snake or spider.

Urine is a holy water for some of us..  read all about its powers.
The History of Holy Water
Urine Therapy in Modern Times
What is Urine?
Starting Problems
Placebo Effect in Urine Treatment?
How to Start the Therapy
Techniques of Urine Therapy
Internal Use
    Drinking Drops Under the Tongue Douching Ear Drops Enemas Gargling Homoeopathic Urine How to Make Homoeopathic Urine Injections Sniffing Rinsing
External Use
    Baths Hipbath Footbath Steam bath Eye Bath/Eye Drops Compresses Massages Body Massages Hair and Scalp Massage Rubbings
Other Applications
    Clay Pack Heated Urine Boiled Urine Magnetised Urine
Urine Charged with Colour Cautions Recycling of illegal or so called social drugs Preventative Therapy? How Does Urine Therapy Work? The Quality of Your Own Perfect Medicine Significant Substances in Urine and Their Effects Dosage Fasting for Health Urine from Others Treatment with Auto-urine Therapy Herbal Teas as Supportive Treatment Mixing Different Herbal Teas Diseases and Their Common Treatments Urine for Other Uses Please Help Research