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How about focusing on the POSITIVE?
Happyology is the new Science!

Perfect bound. A5. 114 pages
Can you inherit happiness
Healthy, Wealthy and Wise
Happiness and Health
Happiness and Wealth
Does a pair of shoes make you happy?
"Lucky food"
The big Luck could well be Bad Luck!
Happiness and Wisdom
Happyology - The science of Happiness?
Religion and Happiness
Excitement or Happiness?
Hormones and other influencing factors
    Drugs Prescription drugs Electro Magnetic Fields Acidity
The opposite of Happiness Depression CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) Hate Grief Are there coincidences?? What is time? Setting the limit of happiness Happiness For All How to be Happy Attitude Avoid disappointment, count on facts only Nobody can please everybody Remedies against negative emotions Flowers as remedies Living Wild Flower Remedies Balance Emotions
    Living Wild Flower Blends Methods of Use Advantages of the Stepanovs Method
Do we have to go through hard times to enjoy the good times? Stand back and wonder about chaos Questions about some teachings Happyology Training Rumours Do not follow the game of a hateful person Make sure that everyone makes you happy The Miracle Healing of Modern Medicine - Placebo You belong to nobody! Free Laughing at or with, that is the question Laugh epidemic How To Be Rich And Happy The Principles of Fulfilling Life's Fortune "Psychology, Astrology and Happiness OR Is Happiness an illusion?" ASK ME Life is like an Echo Colloidal Gold Some humor Conclusion