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by Harald Tietze

A great summary of earth energies and dowsing.  A dowsing manual written by a dowser with decades of experience. 

Published by Harald Tietze Publications
Perfect bound. A5. 196 pages


Ancient Knowledge
Radiation for Higher Energy
Instant healing - Faith healing
Healing yourself
Earth-energy places - Power places
Earth-energy concentration at Attila Hill in Hungary
Malaysia - "Put your illness in a box"
Spiritual healing in Carapina/Brazil
Instant healing in Altötting
Meteor Point - A place of high energies
What is Earth Radiation?
How Earth Radiation Works
The Danger of Permanent Damage
Does Earth Radiation Cause Car Accidents?
Radiation Lines Do Change
Dowsing for health
How to Find Radiation Lines
Do not analyse dowsing!
Lack of self confidence
Trust yourself!
Using intuition is a matter of self-trust
Asking the wrong question
Forcing an answer
It will happen if you say "don't"
Real enlightenment
Trying to access the subconscious mind
The "Try Test"
Believing in the 'right tool'
The Right Tool is Simply the Self-confident Mind
Handling the Rod
How it is usually done
Making a Rod
Crossing the Line in a Right Angle for Better Results
Start at Zero
The Circle
The Rod Shows Exactly the Opposite Reaction
The Wires Go Apart Instead of Crossing
Hints for Beginners
Map Dowsing
Two other methods to access the subconscious mind
Muscle Testing (Kinesiology)
Steps to Muscle Testing
The ideal medication?
Tree Cancer
Forest Death
Pests Have Their Favourite Trees
The Gap in The Hedge
Trees as Lightning Conductors
Seek the Beeches and Avoid the Oaks
Trees - Sign Posts and Teachers for Dowsers
The Pig is Particularly Sensitive
Do Cattle Know Things Which we do not Know?
Hens Avoiding the Perch
The Case of the Healthy Dog and the Sick Master
Cats Need Radiation
Busy Bees and Earth Radiation
Wasps Prefer Multi-Radiation
Ant Acid - a Remedy for Rheumatism
The Effect on Humans
Are all Houses Under Radiation?
Papua New Guinea
The Mountain Magician
Ghost Villages
Earth Radiation - The trigger for Disease
Our Body is an antenna for Earthrays
Electric currents as amplifiers of earth radiation
The Cancer House
Asthma is Predictable
Bronchitis - Bad Bed Location Found by the Rod
Ladies Bed Straw and Pregnancy
Cot Death
Children Have a Protective Sense
Bed Desertion
Bed Wetting Healed Overnight
The Moon Influences Our Life
Shielding against earth radiation?
Natural Protection  -  Bed Straw
Copper  - A Temporary Solution
Car Neutralisers
Natural Remedies from Radiated Herbs
St. John's Wort Assists in Healing
Elderberry Prefers Earth Radiation
Back to Nature
Man-made Pollution
Our Home - Environmental Problem No 1.
Magnetic Fields
Electric Fields and Body Voltage
High Frequencies, Microwaves, Radio and TV Signals
Feng Shui
Feng Shui and Dowsing
Inner Feng Shui with Love Remedies
The Aura
We are our own worst enemy
Are you a victim of your emotions?
Stop and prevent destructive negative emotions
How to identify blockages with Love Remedies
Love Remedies can be used for protection
When do we need protection?
Inner Feng Shui Remedies
Acid or Alkaline = Ageing or Youthing
Ageing is organic waste build up
Why is ionised alkaline water so important?
Alkaline water is not alkaline water!
Why should I use ionised acid water?
Some basics of pH in our body
The right balance is important
Skin / Perspiration
Saliva and Urine
Pancreatic juice
The basic minerals in our body and in our food
Magnetic fields can change the pH of blood
Health Insurance Pays for House Survey!
Emotional imbalances