Latex Contour Pillow

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This Pillow is pure latex foam, manufactured from natural rubber trees, which are cultivated in Malaysia. It is a natural product, manufactured from the fusion of renewable natural resources utilising the latest state of the art technology.

Latex, unlike feathers, wool or synthetic fillers will hold its shape over time, and offer comfort and support while you sleep.
... No punching the pillow back into shape halfway through the night...

The pillows come with a washable zip-off cover, made from a hemp/organic cotton blend. 

The pillow can only be purchased in combination with a mattress.

Product Attributes:

- No filler, extenders of additives are added. Hence the intrinsic green strength of natural latex is retained.

– Snooze Pillow comprises an intricate but advantageously desirable network of ultra micro-cellular structure distributed homogeneously across the whole pillow, made possible by using the latest microvent technology.

Natural Ventilation
- Snooze Pillow has built in mini-pins cavitation across the whole pillow care interspersed with channels. Such a characteristical configuration promotes maximum natural ventilation and maximum sleeping comfort.

- To achieve an optimum level of cleanliness and hygiene, every piece of Snooze Pillow is subjected to a stringent and orderly washing regime, which is very necessary to leach-extract out the soluble non-useful non-rubber contents.

Non-toxic chemicals
- Unlike mattress, pillow presents maximum contact with the body via our heads. Taking cognizance of possible allergy to highly sensitive people, Snooze Pillow is manufactured to have non-toxic chemicals.

- Snooze Pillow is hygienic, anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant, contaminant-free and non-toxic product. The intrinsic colour of natural rubber latex is retained.

Natural Rubber
- As only pure natural latex is used in Snooze Pillow, the product retains the (as yet) unchallenged green strength of natural rubber. Its superb flexibility, elasticity and resilience characteristics give Snooze Pillow the best buy on a balance of comfort, durability, health, Eco-friendly and price.