Buildingbiology course, IBN

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The internationally acclaimed qualification for Buildingbiologists!

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We'd love to meet you on our international forum of Buildingbiologists and at our residential courses!   For the very keen, there are also courses and extension-courses in Germany, of course.

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Building Biology I

01 Introduction to Building Biology

02 Living Environment and Location

03 Indoor Climate

04 Natural Building Methods

05 Environmental Performance and Ecolabels

06 Wood Preservation and House Pests

07 Building Biology Assessment of Building Materials and Building Science

08 Heating and Ventilation

09 Plumbing Systems and Water-efficient Strategies

10 Energy efficient Building Design

Building Biology II

11 Electromagnetic Radiation

12 Electrical Wiring

13 Air and Air Pollutants

14 Noise, Sound Insulation, Architectural Acoustics

15 Building Design

16 Architectural Physiology and Building Safety

17 Light and Lighting

18 Natural Colours and Finishes

19 Building Regulations, Engineering Standards, Quality Assessments

20 Practicing Building Biology