MK70 3Dplus 2.2 Combination Set

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Our professional power pack:   All you ever wanted ;-)

  • The UBB27 isotropic ("omni") antenna which comes with the HFE59B helps detect the locally very narrow maximas (especially indoors), which are decisive for the building biology evaluation. In addition to all mobile radio frequencies, this antenna also covers DECT, the 2.4 GHz WLAN, the television and radio frequencies, as well as TETRA and the two lower 5G frequencies, for which a particularly rapid introduction is to be expected due to the low-cost coverage for lower frequencies.
  • The NFA1000 impresses with integrated (!) 3D sensors and recording capability for the magnetic and electric field, an intelligent frequency analysis, especially for "dirty power" and a free input for the connection of the HFE59B for a parallel recording of HF data.
  • An important factor for Buildingbiology is the principle followed in the NFA1000 by which the display is reduced to a minimum during the measurement itself, while there is a parallel recording of a maximum of data for a later analysis. An audio note recorder links both worlds.
  • Delivered in a compact plastic case with moulded foam insert for a perfect protection of the meters.

The detailed specifications and technical data of the individual devices can be found on the corresponding product pages.

  • NFA 1000
  • HFE59B
  • HFW59D (2.4 - 10 GHz)
  • HV20 RF pre-amplifier
  • UBB2410 omnidirectional antenna
  • Attenuator DG20, G10
  • Antenna ultra-broadband UBB27_G3
  • RF amplifier HV10
  • High pass filter HP 700
  • TCO3 probe for the NFA1000
  • PM1 potential-free holder
  • Capacious plastic transport case


For technical details to the individual meters, please refer to the respective product pages.