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Based on the professional HF analysers HFE59B and HFW59Dplus with the respective accessories. The frequencies covered by this kit contain amateur radio, radio, TV, TETRA, the common mobile radio services, cordless phones, radar...

For an extensive analysis of 27 MHz to 10 GHz

Splitting the extra broad frequency range into two measurement units has proven to be of great advantage, especially concerning the analysis of the higher frequency ranges as these often remain hidden behind the dominating mobile radio and DECT frequencies.

Based on the professional HF analysers HFE59B and HFW59Dplus with the respective accessories.

  • The extra broad frequency range comprises cell phone services such as GSM (2G), UMTS/CDMA (3G), LTE (4G), 5G (wide area bands), wireless phones, smart meters, both wireless LAN bands, Bluetooth, microwave ovens, TETRA/BOS, TV, broadcast radio, and of course also the "old" but important amateur and CB-radio, radio, TV all the way up to the radar frequencies between 8.5 and 9.5 GHz.
  • Outstanding sensitivity, dymanmics, and analysis possibilities thanks to both, the directional log.-per. antenna and the bidirectional omni UBB antenna, as well as the preamplifier, and the attenuator which can be used with both meters.
  • All components are securely packed in our compact plastic case K2 with moulded foam inlay.
  • For lack of space, we would appreciate if you could look up the technical details and the many special advantages of the individual meters on their specific product pages (follow the links under "components").

Note the substantial savings you can achieve by purchasing the kit, rather than its components.


Technical Data

Frequency range:

27 MHz to 10 GHz

Measurement range:

See individual meter info


See individual meter info


See individual meter info

Audio analysis:

See individual meter info

Signal rating:

See individual meter info

Signal output ports:

See individual meter info

Power supply:

See individual meter info

Effective power:

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See individual meter info

Available downloads:


  • Case K2
  • HFW 59D instrument
  • HF 59B instrument
  • DG20 attenuator
  • UBB27 broadband antenna
  • UBB2410 omnidirectional antenna
  • HV10 pre-amplifier
  • HV20 pre-amplifier
  • HP700 high pass filter


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