Mounting Aid PM5S

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This kit allows you to connect your NFA series instruments to a stick, which creates the appropriate distance between the body and the instrument. 

Product information "Mounting Aid (NFA) PM5s"
  • A potential free rod allows for a simple and quick POTENTIAL FREE measurement of electric alternating fields.
  • Can easily be mounted with the four screws included in delivery onto any wooden rod (preferably hard wood such as beech tree, with a diameter of 2-3 cm, not included!).
  • Made of a special non-conductive and anti-static material (FR4).
  • Non-conductive tripod screw with a convenient handle, specially designed for the use with the NFA1000 and the NFA400 within the scope of delivery.
  • Suitable for a most convenient and quick measurement, but can cause additional tolerance of typically up to +/- 5%. For highest precision please use the PM1.
  • It is suggested to use a non-conductive stick, like a wooden stake or broom-stick.  Fishing rods are not appropriate, as tehy mostly are conductive.
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