UBB2410 Omnidirectional Antenna

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360 degree reception enables the measurement of cumulative exposure, while the standard antenna is directional.

Wide frequency range

Product information

  • Horizontally-isotropic 360°-reception pattern - fundamental for long-term measurement recordings
  • Advantageous especially for the identification of radar signals with an unknown location of the transmitter
  • For both wireless LAN bands, Wimax, directional radio, radar and others
  • Compact construction: Identifies so-called "hot spots"
  • In combination with the HFW35C, it can only be used up to 6 GHz

To be attached directly onto the HFW35C or the HFW59D

Manual download

Technical Data

Frequency range:

2.4 GHz - 10 GHz

Power supply:

via the HF-Analyser