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Test for Mould  (price being revised)

Tough times are on their way for anyone with a sensitivity to moulds or their allergens. Depending on climatic conditions, ventilation levels and the type of building, moulds can form on virtually any organic substance indoors. Sufficiently moist wallpaper, plastering and wood also provide an ideal breeding ground for moulds. In no time at all, the moulds produce millions of spores containing allergens. The spores become enriched in house dust and can trigger allergic symptoms. Even the tiniest air flows are sufficient to transport these minute particles into the air we breathe, with unpleasant consequences such as irritation of eyes and airways.

Children, allergy-sufferers and adults with a weakened immune system are at particular risk. Often, moulds are not visible to the naked eye, so a test needs to be carried out where the presence of moulds is suspected.

The Bio-Check Moulds is a reliable method: using a special nozzle attached to your vacuum cleaner, you collect a sample of house dust close to the suspected source of the mould for approx. 3 minutes. The nozzle is sealed, sent in to Dr�ger and analysed in the laboratory. A short time later, you will receive an analysis report which advises you whether you are at particular risk of exposure to moulds. The nozzle can be fitted to most commercially available vacuum cleaners.

> For more specific sampling, please call or email.  We are happy to conduct detailed room-to-room mould sampling and analysis on growth media.