Bio Check Dustmites

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Test for dustmites with Bio Check within minutes!

Exposure to the allergens of house dust mites is one of the most common causes of allergies. Symptoms in people with a hypersensitivity to this allergen include a blocked or runny nose, red eyes, sneezing and asthma. Children are at particular risk of developing chronic asthma, with one in seven children already affected. The allergy is often triggered by exposure to mite allergens. Unnoticed, this powerful allergen is to be found in bedclothes, sofas, carpets and the surfaces of other textiles. The most effective way to prevent illness is to consistently avoid or reduce contact with the substance causing the allergy. Bio-Check Allergen Control quickly reveals the presence of the allergens of dust-mites.

To perform the measurement, a tester is rubbed over the surface, e.g. of the bed, for one minute. A solution is then dripped onto the collected dust particles and after just ten minutes,  the tester will reveal whether your level of allergen exposure is harmful. The whole test is quick and reliable, and involves no direct contact with the allergen and no chemicals. The compact wipe test is used to collect, prepare and analyse the dust particles, directly displaying the result of the test.