The non-tinfoil guide to EMFs

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 Brilliant, easy to understand, written with integrity and a true understanding of the topic.  Highly recommended.

Nicolas Pineault's book explains electro-pollution in simple terms, without being neglectfully stupid about it.  The author presents facts and offers solutions.  A book  without fear mongering or pseudo science, with one purpose:  To make life better for you.

Everyone should have a copy!

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Can you really feel years younger & make unexplained symptoms vanish with the click of a button — the "Airplane Mode" on your cell phone?

Investigative Health Journalist Nicolas Pineault used to think this all sounded like something only crazy people wearing tinfoil hats would say.

But the overwhelming amount of independent scientific evidence linking electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from wireless technologies with increased risks of cancer, infertility, insomnia, and depression sure has the uncanny ability to change a man’s mind.

The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs is a simple and unconventional book that will teach you exactly how to reduce your exposure to this brand new 21st-century pollution without going back to the Stone Age.

You will learn:

  • What your smartphone, your wifi router and your microwave oven have in common (page 9)
  • Why policy makers and scientists all worldwide don’t agree about whether EMFs are dangerous or not (page 21)
  • Is Electro-Hypersensitivity as popularized in the TV show "Better Call Saul" real? Or is it all psychological? (page 62)
  • Why carrying a cell phone in your pocket can harm your fertility (201 studies prove it) (page 72)
  • The 1-click fix to reduce cellphone EMFs by 84% (page 142)
  • What is safer? Speakerphone, earbuds or a Bluetooth ear piece? (page 155)
  • The #1 worst source of EMF radiation at home (page 160)
  • Why baby monitors are worse than smartphones, and better alternatives (page 208)

It’s true. The jury is still out about whether cellphone radiation is the new smoking or just a temporary scare. But why take chances?

Instead, read The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs — the technological seat belt you might just need to use your new gadgets safely.