Floor Mat U1S, U2S

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Floor shielding.  Protection from HF radiation or LF fields from underneath, to complete the Faraday Cage. - Also suitable as earthing mat.

With 35 dB attenuation !

 Made from our steel twin fabric.

Made from our shielding fabric STEEL-TWIN. The stainless-steel-side should face towards the floor, the white cotton-side upwards.

Use 2 mats for wider beds.

Technical data

  • Attenuation: 35 dB
  • Size single bed (U1S): Width 140 cm, length: 250 cm
  • Scope of supply single bed (U1S): 1 sheet Steel-Twin. Grounding: 1 plate GV, 1 cable GC500, 1 plug GD have to be ordered seperately.

With sewed on Velcro-areas for our grounding plate GV.