Shielding Paint CFA40

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The paint that keeps out smart-meters, mobile radiation, or blocks electric fields from the fuse box or wiring.

Reliable shielding against high-frequency radiation (HF) and low-frequency electric fields (LF). Innumerable electrically conductive carbon fibres of 3 mm length allow a reliable bridging over potential cracks in the wall and therefore provide a continuous surface compound necessary for a safe earthing.

This paint is the result of thorough Gigahertz research, and provides unprecedented protection.

User Manual CFA40

Safety Data Sheet CFA40


Attenuation: Up to 38 dB (99.98%) at 1 GHz for single layer coating, through to 18 GHz, and up to 44 dB (99.996%) at 1 GHz for double layer coating through to 18 GHz.

Excellent shielding effectivity even with single layer coating

  • For interior and exterior application (yield: 5 - 6.6 m²/l)
  • Free of metals and permanently corrosion resistant
  • Solvent-free, vapour permeable, low odour and low emission: VOC-concentration lower than 0.2 g/l (EU limit values 30 g/l)
  • Black pure acrylate paint, easy to overpaint with all common emulsion paints
  • 100% permeability for the natural Schumann resonances
  • The paint is not suitable for airless spraying!
  • A certified electrician will ensure the compliance of all norms essential for mounting of earthing plate, if needed.
  • Earthing components can be found, below.

Cannot be shipped to USA or Canada