Electrosmog Measuring Kit MK30-W

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The perfect price/ value combination!

The designated successor of the MK30 measuring kit, the most popular among doctors and other health practitioners to date! Covers the lower 5G bands, the 3.4-3.8 GHz band and the upper Wi-Fi band. Gives a comprehensive picture of the total exposure to "electrosmog" especially with regard to buzzwords "dirty power" and 5G. Even without daily measurement practice or deep technical knowledge.

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    Product information "Electrosmog measuring kit MK30-W"

    HF38B, HFW35C und ME3840B: Higher RF sensitivity and deeper analysis of dirty power:

    • The HFW35C completes the MK30 in terms of the increasingly higher frequencies used for mobile radio and WiFi.
    • Digital display of 0.1 µW/m² up to 1999 µW/m².
    • The HF38B includes the antenna of the professional devices and reliably measures the important 5G frequency at 700 MHz. In addition, it has the very high resolution of the HF59B, as well as its practical Peak hold function to reliably detect subliminal and hidden sources. This is especially important for electrosensitives (EHS).
    • Digital display of 0.1 µW/m² up to 1999 µW/m².
    • The ME3840B is already equipped with the switchable frequency filter of the professional devices for distinguishing between railway and mains current as well as artificial harmonics ("dirty power"). This filter is indispensable for the specific application of the much stricter guidelines of building biology, especially for the frequency range from 2 kHz (dirty power).
    • Digital display of 1 nT or V/m up to 1999 nT or V/m
    • For more detailed specifications and technical data of the individual devices, please refer directly to the corresponding product pages.

    The devices are safely kept in the supplied sturdy plastic case with shaped protective foam insert.

The devices come well protected in a plastic case with shaped foam filler for safe transportation.


Manuals for download:

ME 3840B manual

HF 38B manual

HFW35C manual

Find more details on the pages for the individual devices.