Benchmark Tests

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A measurement device is like a guide dog...

You must be able to rely on it 100%, as there is no possibility to verify the measurement results without complex laboratory tests and a tremendous amount of expertise. We therefore guarantee for the top quality of our measuring devices – without any “ifs” and “buts”:

  • Building biology's associations worldwide recommend our equipment for the easy evaluation or professional analysis of EMF / RF pollution. Numerous patents document their unique features.
  • All meters developed and produced by Gigahertz are manually aligned and calibrated during the manufacturing process and as a final step our qualified staff double checks the compliance with respect to their specifications.
  • The laboratory measurement technology implied for the alignment and calibration of our products is itself calibrated at regular intervals and traceable back to the national standard or physical constant.
  • The VDE (the German Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technology) monitors our quality control system with annual inspections, especially with reference to the security relevant to our demand switches.
  • It should normally go without saying that all product features completely concur with the information supplied on the corresponding data sheets. However, what should be a matter of course is not always given in our market environment. We, therefore, make a point here of explicitly emphasizing the compliance of OUR devices with their data sheets. You can rely on that!

Benchmark Tests

IMS - "Iphöfer Messtechnik-Seminare" - Measurement Technology Seminar in Iphofen in cooperation with the VDB e.V. (the German Association of Building Biologists)

The annual QA-Workshop "Measurement Technology Update Pro(fessional) on Alternating Electrical and Magnetic Fields (LF)" took place on Sept. 19 and 20, 2014. This annual workshop has given occassion to several measurement device performance assessments, among them a total of 99 measurement devices from Gigahertz Solutions since 2011, such as plenty of NFA1000, various NFA30M as well as some TCO probes belonging to participating building biologists and measurement technicians. The comparative tests were done in the homogeneous field of a plate capacitor (for the electrical field), and in a Helmholtz coil (for the magnetic field). The results of a total of 233 individual measurements performed showed an average deviation of the Gigahertz meters of no more than 2.3% (not taking into account the only exceptional case of 26%). 

Magazine Chip: "Strahlenreport 2008"

In its issue of 06/2008, the computer magazine “Chip” published the radiation report of 2008 (“Strahlenreport 2008”). This was no product test as such, however, after obviously having conducted various experiments concerning measurement possibilities, the conclusion in the info-box of the report was: “The Gigahertz Solution devices are the most reliable detectors of LF and HF fields”.

WDR TV show "Quarks & Co."

The German broadcasting service WDR also had several devices tested (by the LGA in Nuremberg) for its show “Quarks & Co.” dated June 19, 2007. If we go into details, this test surely also needs to be commented, but all in all we are satisfied with the results: In a heading, the HF32D was judged as follows: “Result: Only one device showed measurement readings with tolerable results!”. The other devices under test were the Hutech Model 250, the Wetekom HF Detector, and the Aaronia Spectran 2025E.

Magazine “Computerbild”

Based on extensive measurements run by an EMC testing laboratory (OBL), the renowned magazine "Computerbild" (edition of 12/2006) published a benchmark test including our cheapest and most simple RF-Analyser, the HF32D, which finished as best in test ("satisfactory"/"low priced") . It should be mentioned that there were only two devices under test, ours and the Spectran HF-2025E Rev.2 from Aaronia, which is no longer on the market.

Verband Baubiologie e.V.

In the magazine “Wohnung + Gesundheit” no. 110 (03/2004), the Association of Building Biologists “Verband Baubiologie e.V.” published an extensive test of a total of 13 HF meters, with the following valuations: Our HF35C was stated with “optimum price-performance ratio”, and the comments to our HF58B were: “good impression with minor flaws” and “good price-performance ratio”. At that point of time, both devices were in the pilot phase, and our recall campaign for the elimination of the critisized flaws was referred to as “fair”. Based on the HF35C and the HF58B we have meanwhile developed a comprehensive range of HF instruments.

The competitors

Based on the analysis of competitors’ devices which have been sent in to us by customers along with some critical questions, we have in the meantime gained a large pool of knowledge which might be of help for your decision concerning the adequate product for you. The legal aspect of making this knowledge public here on this site is currently being clarified.


We have made attempts to find out the concrete users (so to say real human beings!) of our competitors’ devices by contacting several of their reference enterprises, but had no luck. Maybe you should give it a try, maybe we just asked the wrong questions. 

Anyway: We will refrain from publishing long lists of references at this point, and prefer to enable you to make use of our customer list and choose concrete users of our devices, who will probably be the best help for you and your questions due to their own practical experiences with the devices. Should you now worry only to be forwarded to special fans and enthusiasts, you may alternatively get in touch with one of the building biology associations shown on our link portal. Considering the fact that probably the largest part of the building biologists are customers of ours, you will certainly be able to contact plentiful independant users of our devices within short. Furthermore, you will also meet users of competitors’ devices who can then explain why they prefer to use other devices than those of Gigahertz Solutions.

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