Naturell Bed Canopy

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A beautiful cotton fabric.  The very fine shielding thread is entirely invisible. 

Precision, made in Switzerland.

Naturell breathes well, but is not suited for hot climates, due to its tighter weave. 

It has a very high shielding efficiency, because of the close weave.

Material:  82% unbleached cotton, 17% copper, 1% silver

Earth: Can not be earthed, as the fabric is not directly conductive

Can be washed, ironed, sewn

38db shielding!  See graphic for details.

The queen size is for up to 2.2m bed width.

The canopy has 2 -overlapping- entrances.

Attached to 4 ceiling points.  Optional channels for 4 rods for extra stability sewn in.


The cotton fabric will shrink about 10 % in the first wash.  It needs to be washed as Delicates so it can drip dry, as it tends to be quite crinkled, after washing.  Even ironing will not quite get rid of all the crinkles. 

Please email, if different sizes are required.  Each canopy is made to order, - so you can have any dimensions you prefer.