Earthing Kit

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Earth connection set for use with all conductive shielding paints.  The earthing kit is for interior and exterior use.

For each separate shielded area one ground connection set has to be used.

In some case, an additional earthing strip may be required.

Grounding makes sure that any current leakage or electric field is sent to earth. Otherwise, there is a (remote) danger that one could get electrocuted, if there is an electrical fault and one touches the conductive surface.


● Stainless steel ground connection plate 8 x 8 x 0.3 cm, with conductive fleece attached to back side.

● Ground connection (M6 thread) pre-mounted.

● IP-65 housing, for weatherproof protection.

● Stainless steel screws and screw plugs / wall anchors, 6 mm diameter.

● Grounding bracket / grounding clamp 8 – 48 mm.

● Cable eyes / lugs from 0.75 mm² to 25 mm².

● 2 meters of grounding wire 1.5 mm² and 6 mm², one of each (HAR, UL, CSA).

● Grounding cable for outdoor use available upon request.

● Manual / installation procedure with pictures included