Mains Filter Bajog Alpha 5B

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The safest, best filter of dirty electricity I could find.  Superb filtering characteristics, safe against over-heating or network spikes. 

Imported from Germany, made by a company that is well known for its expertise in protecting sensitive electronic equipment and military installations with their filters. 

Please read the data sheet by selecting the link, below. 

Simply plug into a power point of the circuit you want to filter, preferably the bedroom circuit.

The Alpha 5B will protect against dirty power frequencies created by internal sources, like power supplies, fluorescent lights, Internet modems, etc.

Note the frequency range, that does not filter the lower frequencies of DE.

Only one filter is needed per circuit, which makes this high quality filter an economical choice.

The delivery will include the necessary converter plug to change from the German to the Australian system.   

            DATA SHEET

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