NFA 30 M

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 3-D magnetic field analyser with data logger

Allows long-term measurements as required in the standard values for bedrooms (SBM). It is based on a superior concept for efficient data acquisition of magnetic fields, extensive long-term recordings of all relevant parameters, and an easier interpretation and documentation of the acquired data. The photo shows the optically identical NFA 1000.

Capable of dirty power analysis!


Further Information about the NFA series


  • 3D measurement in a truly isotropic point.
  • Separate recording of railway and grid frequency as well as higher harmonics with true RMS valuation (16.6 Hz | 50/60 Hz | 100/120 Hz plus even harmonics | 150/180 Hz plus uneven harmonics | other frequencies < 2 kHz | all > 2 kHz).
  • Measures 110,000 samples per second, the maxima of which are recorded up to 10 times per second on the 4 GB SDHC memory card supplied. Due to the simultaneous and continuous sampling of frequency and axis information you won't miss even the smallest peaks.
  • Voice recording of audio notes to facilitate measurement and interpretation of recordings.
  • Input jack to record an external HF-Analyser.
  • Supplied with revolutionary PC evaluation software: Super fast real-time presentation, statistic functions (e.g. 95. percentile), analysis tool for "Dirty Power".
  • Li-Ion rechargeable batteries for up to 48 hours of continuous recording. External power supply possible (power adaptor included).

Let's talk about its outstanding ability of harmonic analysis ("Dirty Power").

The NFA30M does not end at 2 kHz – with the help of a modified FFT it can even measure from 16 Hz to 30 (!) kHz, and that for at least 48 hours, continuously and without interruptions. While measuring, it makes 10 recordings per second of the respective maximum value of the expired tenth of a second, in parallel and separately representable in a graph for:

-  the isotropic value

-  X,Y and Z axis separately

-  16.7 Hz: traction power

-  50/60 Hz: mains power

-  „100/120 Hz": sum of the first 4 
   "even" harmonics

-  „150/180 Hz": sum of the first 4 
   "uneven" harmonics 

-  „R < 2kHz": „remaining frequencies smaller 
   than 2 kHz" (i.e. without the first 4 harmonics)

-  „> 2 kHz": harmonics up to 30 kHz 
   (higher frequencies would require one of its big brothers, 
   i.e. the NFA1000 or NFA400)

-  in combination with an HF-analyser, it can
   also be applied for logging high frequencies.

In addition to the very useful graphic plotting, the unique analysis software NFAsoft* is able to count the total of "steep edges" per hour (for instance caused by pulsed peaks of flux densitiy from electronic devices) either for the complete recording time or for any wanted zoom level. This way the building biology for the first time has the possibility of quantitative comparative parameters to analyse the impacts of such phenomena on human beings.