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Innovative alternative to the ME series, based on a superior concept for efficient data acquisition of electric and magnetic fields, extensive long-term recording of all relevant parameters and an easy interpretation and documentation of the acquired data.

In addition to the three-dimensional magnetic field measurement with its compact internal sensor, the NFA400 features the following:

  • The frequency response is extended from 5 Hz up to 400 kHz (TCO).
  • ONE-dimensional potential-free measurement of the electric field (Y-axis).
  • Electric field measurement versus ground potential is possible with an integrated sensor or with the optionally available TCO conform probe TCO3.
  • An integrated voice recorder facilitates the measurement analysis.

Also all common unique features of the NFA series are implemented:

Parallel to the true 3D value of the magnetic field in the entire frequency range, the three axes of the field, railway and mains current as well as natural and artificial harmonics ("dirty power") are recorded separately.Powerful PC evaluation software NFAsoft included. Extensive graphics and statistics functions (eg 95th percentile, etc.)Continuous measurement guaranteed - even intermediate maxima are stored 10 times per second on the supplied SD card. Input socket for simultaneous RF recording with external RF analyzer or deeper analysis using current clamp / current loop.Compact integrated sensor for the magnetic field allows precise measurement even in very inhomogeneous fields.Li-ion batteries for 36 hours of uninterrupted recording at ten full data sets per second.The product information leaflet on the three NFAs is available for download below. It comprises an overview over the features which allows for an easy comparison.Also please find the most current version of the firmware and NFAsoft in the download section of our homepage.For a better understanding of the extensive measurement and analysis possibilities of the NFA meters, please also read the manual carefully, as it is part of the meter specification (available for download below)


NFA videos, manual, and much more

Technical Data

Frequency range:

5 Hz to 400 kHz (compensated)

Comprises the complete range of the TCO-guideline for computer work enviroments

Measurement range:

Magnetic flux densitiy: 1 - 19.990 nT

Electrical field strength: 0.1-1999 V/m


50 / 60 Hz: +/- 5 %

16 Hz - 30 kHz: +/- 1 dB

5Hz - 400 kHz: +/- 2 dB

Isotropical deviation: +/- 1.5 dB

Offset +/- 5 Digits


Electrical field strength, potential-free, 1D (ONE-dimensional, Y-axis)

Electrical field strength, versus ground potential

Magnetic flux density, 3D (THREE-dimensional, XYZ)

Audio analysis:

Field-strength-proportional acoustic signal (with "Geiger counter" effect), switchable

Signal rating:

trueRMS, Peak, Peak Hold

Power supply:

7.4-Volt Li-ion high quality battery pack (included), average operating life in the logging mode 36 h

Low-batt indication

Auto-Power-Off function (saves capacity and is deactivated during longterm measurements)

Power supply unit included