Electrosmog Measuring Kit MK20-W

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Combine all the basics in our best-selling measurement kit MK20 in order to cover the ever increasing RF frequencies, i.e. the (upper "sub 6 GHz" 5G band and upper WiFi band). Dirty Power" is also measured and the sources of RF pollution can be distinguished by audio analysis.


    Product information "Electrosmog measuring kit MK20-W"

    HF35C, HFW35C and ME3830B. Advantages versus the "smaller" kit MK 10:

    • The 10x higher sensitivity of the HF35C and HFW35C, together with the LogPer DF antenna, pays off when searching for small or hidden sources - especially important for electrosensitives (EHS). These also benefit from the HFW35C's extended frequency range up to 6 GHz. Audio analysis also helps to differentiate radio services.
    • The ME3830B includes the full frequency response from 16 Hz to 100 kHz required by the standard for building biology measurement technology (SBM).
    • Artificial harmonics ("dirty power") are also measured, e.g. caused by LED and fluorescent lamps, or by switching power supplies of electronic devices that are almost ubiquitous in households and offices, also those of dimmers or consumer electronics.
    • For more detailed specifications and technical data of the individual devices, please refer directly to the corresponding product pages.

    The devices are safely kept in the supplied sturdy plastic case with shaped protective foam insert.

    For technical details, please see the individual instruments.

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