ME 3851A

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Professional Low Frequency Measuring of 240V/ 60 Hz - with the ME 3851A.

This device represents the low-cost access to the professional low-frequency measurement technology. Its functions and features are tailored to the needs and practical experiences of Building Biology.

                             Instruction Manual (pdf)

Technical Data:

Frequency Range:  

5 Hz - 100 KHz (compensated, better than -2 dB).
Switchable, internal frequency filter: 16,6Hz bandpass, 50 Hz highpass, 2 kHz highpass for identification and evaluation of sources of pollution

Measurement Range:  

Magnetic flux density (unidimensional): 0.1 - 1999 nT

Electric field strength:   0.1 - 1999 V/m


+/- 2 %, +/- 7 digits @50/60Hz


E-Fieldsensor for electrical LF- fields
H-Fieldsensor for magnetic LF-fields (one-dimensional)

Audio Analysis:

acoustic signal proportional to the field strength with "Geiger-counter-effect"
Signal Rating:  RMS
Outputs:  AC- and a DC-output
Warranty:  2 years
Weight:  0.74 g


Scope of Delivery:

    * Measurement device in protective case
    * highly flexible grounding cable with a copper diameter of 1mm²
    * grounding clamp
      NiMH battery inside the meter
    * mains adaptor
    * battery charger
    * various adaptors
    * detailed instruction manual