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  •  Building Wellness, Marianne Baker, in Croydon 3136 : "At Building Wellness, we empower you to build a healthier life by creating healthier indoor environments."
  • Gwen Hanna from Building Wisdom, in Dorrigo, NSW.

    •         P.O. Box 64188, Tucson, Arizona, 85728; +1-520-829-6765

             - They also offer very good courses for aspiring Building  Biologists!

    •    Feng Shui  

      • Feng Shui Network, a very clear and informative site with plenty of Australian links and information.

      Electromagnetic Fields and Radiation  
      • Dirty Electricity page.  Information, links, - a growing centre for this relevant topic

      • Smart meters are coming, bringing considerable HF EMR to your home.  This is a very informative community website with experiences, tips, links:  STOPSMARTMETERS.COM.AU

      • Mikko Ahonen is a well-known researcher in this field.  He recommends  The website is about mobile phone base stations and masts.  The research section contains perhaps the most comprehensive research overview of this area.   Have a look at the News, too!

      • Find the latest EMR/EMF research here -

      • A fantastic German site on Electro-pollution is IGEF,

      • Forum Baubiologie, 'Liste Elektrosmog' - a most informative and interesting forum, mostly in German.  Find the latest in European research about electropollution, case studies, personal experiences, and problem solving.

      • Another German one about Electropollution and Mobile Phones , partly in English, is  

      • A great site with a most informative mailing list (in German) is 

      • EMFields, or Powerwatch is a very informative English site.

        Indoor Air Quality 


      • Systems Pest Control - They offer environmentally responsible, intelligent pest management.  They don't sell you as much poison as possible, but design a solution, that might include baiting, building adjustments and other non-toxic measures. Also dealing with other pest infestations. 

      • Who would like to avoid highly toxic substances spread around the house and garden?  Check out Dr. Don's Termite Pages, he does the right thing by the environment, and by you.  -  



      • The Natural Paint Company are selling stunning clay paints of the best quality, - and they also offer clay-based shielding paint against electro-smog.  Click on the logo:

      • Livos and Volvox Natural Paints

        Livos and Volvox are making high quality plant based paints, which contain the least possible amount of allergens.  All natural, made in Germany.

              no solvents, no petrochemicals         natural paints 

      • Anro Floorcare is a company specialising in the sanding and the treatment of wooden, cork and parquetry floors as well as wooden staircases using exclusive non-toxic, plant-based oils. Phone 03 9762 3212

      • Importers of Livos natural paint products:  Ph. 03 9762 9181

      • Strawbale Development and Construction

        • Strawtec (Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow, Strawbale Construction):                   " We provide a large range of products and services; taking you on a journey from a dream to a home come true.  Call Frank at ph./ fax number: 02 4443 5282

          After more than twenty years of widespread experience in the building industry my emphasis as a builder lies on the highest quality workmanship.

          Our aim is to build healthy, environmentally friendly and energy efficient houses, emphasising sustainability and permaculture principles."

        • VIVA Homes, Down to Earth Homes

        These strawbale, cob, poured earth and rammed earth homes were created to keep your lifestyle while being green. We believe you can have it all.

        They're smart: sustainable, warm in winter, cool in summer, made from natural, organic materials such as clay, earth, timber, straw. They're robust, open plan, light and airy. For intimate couples or large families, these homes have been designed and built to look the part. 
        Contemporary by nature and Australian in style.

      • Timbercrete, the ideal building material.  Looks like sandstone, works like mudbrick, costs half of brick veneer, is fire/sound/water/termite proof.

      • Goodwood Construction are a team of carpenters who specialise in building with reclaimed timber. Amazing craftsmanship and sustainability in one package.

      • The Natural Paint Place -   From wall & ceiling paints, primers, enamel lacquers, varnishes, floor & furniture oils to natural paint strippers, thinners, polishes and waxes.  Ideal for the chemically senstive, asthma sufferers, pregnant women, children and environmentalists.  Natural Paints are free from toxic solvents, are based on plants and minerals and meet the Australian Standard AS1580. -   They also stock many other 'sustainable' solutions, like non toxic cleaners and energy saving devices.

      • Ortech Easiwall - Easiboard is a unique, chemical free and environmentally safe multipurpose rigid building panel designed for ceiling and wall applications made from extruded straw.  This product is a great alternative to conventional stud walls.

      • Solomit  - Strawboard ceilings provide a natural alternative to more traditional ceiling methods, with some distinct acoustic, insulation and decorative advantages. 

      • BASIX -

        Introduced by the NSW Government, BASIX, the Building Sustainability Index, ensures homes are designed to use less potable water and be responsible for fewer greenhouse gas emissions by setting energy and water reduction targets for house and units. BASIX is one of the most robust sustainable planning measures in Australia, delivering equitable and effective water and greenhouse gas reductions across NSW.

      • Rainbow Power Company design, manufacture, sell and install renewable energy equipment based on solar, wind, hydro and biomass energy sources.  The company is one of the largest and most experienced Renewable Energy companies in Australia, with a workforce of experienced and dedicated staff.

      • Identity Decor and Design  - Your home is such an integral part of your whole identity and you can make it work for you instead of vice versa. One of the trickiest parts of the designing process is knowing just what the client is looking for..........and believe me ...........many people really are not sure just what that is themselves.   Servicing all areas of the South West of WA, Christine would be delighted to meet with you either at your home or at her office in Bunbury.

      Healing, Health

      • The Eco Mum!  "When my daughter was born I vowed I would raise her to be environmentally aware, emotionally stable through constant support, love & my physical presence as she grows & to create a toxin free, chemical free organic existence in our household wherever I could.
        On the website, you'll find everything on green loving, green living, eco lifestyle choices, herbs & naturopathy, juicing recipes, organic product reviews, recommendations and research, hints & tips to green up your life, ways to recycle & upcycle better, nifty home-made goodies, craft ideas & gift suggestions, health warnings, dirty secrets & undisclosed naughties of products we know & love plus TONNES more..."
      • Nutrition and You.  Visit this very interesting website with information about (real) essential oils, nutrition, herbs and healing.  Irene has amazing insights and healing skills. 


      • Clairvision School, Sydney, Australia. Western school of spirituality, exploring and transforming consciousness with an experiential approach. Introduction to Earth energies and energy flows. Awakening of the Third Eye. Subtle bodies.  Correspondence courses and International Intensives available.

      • DOTENVIRONMENT - A directory for environmentally aware and sustainable practice. 

       Energisers and Healing devices  

      Omnia Erimus Omnia Erimus
      $ 379.00
      Omnia Erimus Omnia Erimus
      $ 379.00