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  • New filter against dirty power frequencies.  Finally, - a safe, effective solution. German engineering, a design by Bajog, EMV, a well known electronics company, who traditionally have made products for the electronics industry and the military.
  • A great government site on indoor air quality
  • Concerned about smart meters?  Visit
  • New and totally natural shielding paint, made by Kreidezeit, Germany. 
  • Gigahertz released the NFA400, an affordable, but top-of-the-range low frequency EMR tester. It allows to test for dirty power in great detail.
  • Great slide presentation on 'dirty' electricity, by Mikko Ahonen.  See also our filters, here.
  • Bedding yourself well?  Check out this research, which links the way we sleep with the way we develop cancer, - mostly on the left side of the body.  Find natural mattresses, here. 
  • The last long term study (05/2010) about the dangers of mobile phone usage has been released, - and there is no clear conclusion about whether they are a danger, or not.  The finding that people using their phone for 30 minutes a day have a 40% higher chance of brain cancer does not appear to be statistically significant...  I wonder, why?  Fortunately, we can make our own judgements. 
  • Full Signal. -The Palestinian-American director Talal Jabari has made a documentary on the health problems caused by cellular phones and cell phone towers. You can watch the trailer for this award winning movie on the official movie website Some brief interviews can be listened to, here:

  • The European Union are working on a standard for exposure from mobile phones/ cell phones.  Watch this video, - it is an eye-opener. 
  • COSMETICS - For some reason, I had a lot to do with cosmetics, recently.  It is very difficult to even find shampoo, conditioner and moisturiser that are free from unwanted chemicals, like sodium laureth sulphate and all kinds of nasty preservatives.  There are brands you can trust, like Weleda, Dr Hauschka, Jurlique, - and I found that miessence and are making pretty outstanding and affordable products, too.
  • View 60 MINUTES: About the dangers of mobile phones (5.4.09)
  • The Bio Check indoor pollution analysers are back! - Do it yourself for the fraction of the price that a lab would charge.
  • Dangerous Mobiles  - Australian research.  See Youtube video page on this site.
  • Bees exterminated by mobile phones!  CCD (colony collapse disorder) is on the increase, killing up to 90 % of bees in some areas, by interfering with their navigation.
  • Click here for a BBC Panorama production on electrosmog, part I:     On Youtube, you can also find part II and much more!  The conroversy, the arguments and counter-arguments:  Plenty to form your own opinion.
  • Click here for the latest research into electro-pollution: 
  • Latest electro-pollution research
    Visit this link to the BioInitiative Report:
    A Rationale for a Biologically-based Public Exposure Standard
    for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF)
    I recommend the SUMMARY (section 1) link for those of you, who like to start with the big picture and deal with the details, later.