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These pages are dedicated to lifestyle choices and self-help books.

How could we have our shop and not sell Harald Tietze's HAPPYOLOGY book? 


Hold The Phone

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The definitive guide to protecting your health from phones and wireless.

Alison Wilson created this easy reading, interesting and detailed book about the concerns around phone and wifi radiation.  Excellent summary of the state of research, and a great tool to empower you to make your own, informed and responsible decision.


Hold The Phone:Here's Why.

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Advice from Experts: How Phones and Wireless affect Health

Alison Wilson's guidebook shows you why it is so important to protect your health from the radiation emitted by mobile phones, cordless phones and other 'wireless' devices.

Alison is a highly regarded Building Biologist, who spent the last 7 years, researching the very technical and complex subject of how mobile telecommunication affects our health and well-being. 

This book has been designed to give you quick and easy access to this essential knowledge. - Please share with friends and family!

Tietze Publishing

Dowsing Manual

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by Harald Tietze

A great summary of earth energies and dowsing.  A dowsing manual written by a dowser with decades of experience. 

Published by Harald Tietze Publications
Perfect bound. A5. 196 pages


Ancient Knowledge
Radiation for Higher Energy
Instant healing - Faith healing
Healing yourself
Earth-energy places - Power places
Earth-energy concentration at Attila Hill in Hungary
Malaysia - "Put your illness in a box"
Spiritual healing in Carapina/Brazil
Instant healing in Altötting
Meteor Point - A place of high energies
What is Earth Radiation?
How Earth Radiation Works
The Danger of Permanent Damage
Does Earth Radiation Cause Car Accidents?
Radiation Lines Do Change
Dowsing for health
How to Find Radiation Lines
Do not analyse dowsing!
Lack of self confidence
Trust yourself!
Using intuition is a matter of self-trust
Asking the wrong question
Forcing an answer
It will happen if you say "don't"
Real enlightenment
Trying to access the subconscious mind
The "Try Test"
Believing in the 'right tool'
The Right Tool is Simply the Self-confident Mind
Handling the Rod
How it is usually done
Making a Rod
Crossing the Line in a Right Angle for Better Results
Start at Zero
The Circle
The Rod Shows Exactly the Opposite Reaction
The Wires Go Apart Instead of Crossing
Hints for Beginners
Map Dowsing
Two other methods to access the subconscious mind
Muscle Testing (Kinesiology)
Steps to Muscle Testing
The ideal medication?
Tree Cancer
Forest Death
Pests Have Their Favourite Trees
The Gap in The Hedge
Trees as Lightning Conductors
Seek the Beeches and Avoid the Oaks
Trees - Sign Posts and Teachers for Dowsers
The Pig is Particularly Sensitive
Do Cattle Know Things Which we do not Know?
Hens Avoiding the Perch
The Case of the Healthy Dog and the Sick Master
Cats Need Radiation
Busy Bees and Earth Radiation
Wasps Prefer Multi-Radiation
Ant Acid - a Remedy for Rheumatism
The Effect on Humans
Are all Houses Under Radiation?
Papua New Guinea
The Mountain Magician
Ghost Villages
Earth Radiation - The trigger for Disease
Our Body is an antenna for Earthrays
Electric currents as amplifiers of earth radiation
The Cancer House
Asthma is Predictable
Bronchitis - Bad Bed Location Found by the Rod
Ladies Bed Straw and Pregnancy
Cot Death
Children Have a Protective Sense
Bed Desertion
Bed Wetting Healed Overnight
The Moon Influences Our Life
Shielding against earth radiation?
Natural Protection  -  Bed Straw
Copper  - A Temporary Solution
Car Neutralisers
Natural Remedies from Radiated Herbs
St. John's Wort Assists in Healing
Elderberry Prefers Earth Radiation
Back to Nature
Man-made Pollution
Our Home - Environmental Problem No 1.
Magnetic Fields
Electric Fields and Body Voltage
High Frequencies, Microwaves, Radio and TV Signals
Feng Shui
Feng Shui and Dowsing
Inner Feng Shui with Love Remedies
The Aura
We are our own worst enemy
Are you a victim of your emotions?
Stop and prevent destructive negative emotions
How to identify blockages with Love Remedies
Love Remedies can be used for protection
When do we need protection?
Inner Feng Shui Remedies
Acid or Alkaline = Ageing or Youthing
Ageing is organic waste build up
Why is ionised alkaline water so important?
Alkaline water is not alkaline water!
Why should I use ionised acid water?
Some basics of pH in our body
The right balance is important
Skin / Perspiration
Saliva and Urine
Pancreatic juice
The basic minerals in our body and in our food
Magnetic fields can change the pH of blood
Health Insurance Pays for House Survey!
Emotional imbalances

Have you got the GUTS?

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... To be really healthy?   by Don Chisholm

The message is this, “We are not what we eat, we are what we absorb and this is the very issue Don has concentrated on for the last 10 years. It is with these concept conditions even decades old have gone in a few months.
Sugar cravings curved, energy increased, short term memory improvement,47 years of diarrhoea  gone in 60 days, autistic children going to normal school, operations cancelled, all by learning the simplicity of being healthy and it is all done by simply improving the gut.
For to long we have used products that simple mask the problem, pain killers for pain with no attention to why the pain, antibiotics with little attention to enhancing the immune system or antidepressants without considering the view that the body is not healthy, and depression is a representation of that feeling.

Have you got the guts points out the many myths that we have been led to believe are good for us, when in truth they are detrimental to our very existence. Don spent over 10 years traveling the world and worked in many clinics all over the world in his quest for his own health. The end result is a belief that there are no conditions that cannot be improved; many that supposedly have no cure are just a matter of dehydration combined with malnutrition.
So do you feel you have the guts to be really healthy?

 Read Dons approach to health and see how easy it would be to be one or two rungs higher on your health scale.

Tietze Publishing

Healthy Home Healthy Office

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Explains some of the unseen health issues in our home environment, and tells how to approach any problems we may find.

Healthy Home Healthy Office is a great summary of basic principles of Building Biology and their application.

Is environmental illness a modern life epidemic? Where has the quality of life gone? Living on an alien planet? Who is really well? Are sensitivities an early warning system? The body's immune system Symptomatic, masked and synergistic effects Is ridicule of the effects from chemical exposure defensive ignorance? Has our environment become a health hazard? Which parts of the body are affected by chemicals? Ecological model of behaviour Allergy or sensitivity? Toxic or sensitivity response? Addiction pyramid of Dr. Randolph Clinical ecology or political economy - who benefits? Scientific proof method Legal aspects of chemical pollution Health draft charter for workers and communities exposed to pollution Economic interest of the petrochemical industry and medical profession Is our life out of balance? Building materials and cancer Cancer terminology What causes human cells to change? Living cells and toxins Chemicals and human threshold levels Are toxic chemicals human carcinogens? From mineral fibre to organic fibre Environmental pollution and cancer Magnetic distortion and vibrational medicine From stress to depression From depression to spiritual growth
Indoor air pollution - unavoidable product of modern technology? A third skin building has a breathing membrane Outgassing chemicals - formaldehyde pollution in particle board Baking out a building will accelerate the outgassing of chemicals Natural air exchange rate should be at least once per hour Energy conservation versus breathing building membranes Mechanical air conditioning versus natural ventilation systems Contamination from air convection heating and cooling systems Common features of sick buildings Heat recovery ventilators Indoor plants as pollution fighters Are synthetic perfume deodorisers possible carcinogens? Essential oils - air purification Positive ions and negative ions Electro climate in home and offices Geopathic stress and geomagnetic distortions Radon gas and gamma radiation from earth Cosmic and environmental radiation High frequency pollution Why live an unhealthy lifestyle in a healthy house? Natural cleaners Biological insecticides and pest repellants Plastics and Polyvinylchloride (PVC) Organo-chlorine - a toxic time bomb House dust-mites, mould, mildew, hair and dander Are pesticides toxic solutions and an expensive short cut? Inerts - the secret hazards of pesticides Cigarette smoke - toxic consumer product and environmental hazard
Change of attitude - change of life style - change of environment The spiritual aspect of air and indoor air pollution Healthy shelter - a basic human right Choose a healthy building site Choose a designer/architect familiar with sustainable architecture Sustainable circulation of natural elements with the built environment Choose a builder and supplier familiar with ecological building Choose a budget and lifestyle to meet your objectives Refurbishing - create a healthy sanctuary in your polluted home Environmental illness support groups Home, office and site inspections and environmental audits and reports Annex 1: Symptoms checklist to identify health hazards Annex 2: Pollutants - BBE Summary Annex 3: Measuring instrumentation for testing electro-pollution Annex 4: Environmental inspection report (BBE-Institute) Annex 5: Common indoor toxins and their damaging health effects Annex 6: Recipes for natural cleaners Annex 7: Recipes for biological insecticides Annex 8: Health effects of chemical inerts Annex 9: BBE - services information sheet Annex 10: BBE - correspondence course Annex 11: Glossary and definitions Annex 12: Recommended literature and references Annex 13: Australian Chemical Trauma Alliance (ACTA)
Tietze Publishing

Your first steps to Feng Shui

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by Roseline Deleu

This book is easy to read and understand but more importantly, easy to follow and to put Feng Shui into practice. It is filled with many true stories and everyday examples that will encourage and inspire you. Even if you have other Feng Shui books, this will become your ultimate handbook.

You can start TODAY, without having to understand the complex symbolism of Feng Shui.


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If you had to find only one food to live on, then Spirulina would fit the bill. This tiny microscopic plant can supply all your nutritional needs.  This book will explain the benefits of spirulina, where to get it and how to use it.
Perfect bound. A5. 90 pages
Tietze Publishing

Water Medicine

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Water Medicine teaches us to use the simplest and most common liquid available for good health. Water, in many ways may be seen to both cure and prevent illness. In this book these simple, usually overlooked facts are explained.
Perfect bound. A5. 98 pages
Water is not Water
The Cure
    Hydro-Herbal Therapy Hardening The Stimulating Points Walking in Water and Water Treading Douches Compresses and Packs Steam Washings Baths The Herbal Bath
Herbal teas and essential oils commonly used for baths and vapour applications Essential Oils - Aromatherapy Mineral th Peat Moss Bath Kefir Bath Drinking of Water
    Therapeutic Mineral Waters
Filtered Water The Energy of Water Dead and Living Water Urine - Water of Life Colloidal Silver Oxygen Water Vines Sauna
    Modern Saunas
Food from Water and Sunlight The Sunlight
Tietze Publishing

Miracle Healing

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Placebos are working. Why? 

Explore the mystery of healing, be inspired by this wonderful little book on miracle healing! 

Perfect bound. A5
Miracle Healing works,
and there is scientific proof.
Why Healing?
Why Miracle Healing?
"Medicine Can't Heal"
The Mechanism of Miracle Healing
The power of your mind
The ability of children destroyed by so-called "logic" thinking. 
Placebo - The Miracle Healing of Modern Medicine.
Placebo/mind medicine versus active ingredient medicine.
Vitamin C as sleeping tablet?
Vitamin C for getting pregnant?
"Point the Bone" - Telepathic death penalty
Traditional Healing
"Unexplained" healing forces.
Dying from "point the bone"
"Faith killing"
Faith healing
"Put your illness in a box".
Does it matter who knows?
"Coincidence or Collaboration? You be the judge!
Angels, guides, trance guides.
Miracle Healing of the Aborigines
Hitler Wood, the Healer from Arnhemland
Vibrational healing, spiritual healing and miracle healing.
Gallstone problems disappear.
Intuitive Healing
Hitler's "home remedy".
Sand paper fig against muscle pain, influenza, ringworm and diarrhea.
Ceremonies and hand-on healing.
"Earth as Medicine"
Termite mounds against Diarrhea
"Termite dirt" against nutritional deficiency
The "nursery" – the best quality termite clay.
Magnetic termite mound.
Vibrational protection.
Papaya, a Traditional Medicine Plant of the Australian Aborigines?
Anonymous healer.
 "The Miracle Man" Joao Teixeira da Faria 
Bruno Groening
The Medical Scientific Group (MWF)
Telepathic healing.
What a coincidence.
Imagination training
The most important nation is 
Imagination and positive thoughts for healing. 
Healing Methods.
Stopping smoking
Slimming the easy way. 
Are diseases a spiritual matter?
"Miracle Remedies"
Love Remedies - Essences of Living Wildflowers
Balancing Emotions with Flower Remedies.
Herbs with medicinal properties.
"Herbs of the Gods"
Urine Therapy
World conference on Auto Urine Therapy.
The latest news – old knowledge.
Cancer – AIDS - TB
Chronic diseases 
The best method to use urine therapy:
"Dead" people don't lie"
The Doctor's own case of cancer healing.
Going to die
Full blown AIDS healed!?
Treatment of allergic illnesses in general medicine.
Amputation avoided 
Cures against poisonous snake bites.
Vibrational Healing
Spiritual Healing Energies of Plants
Nature radiates a spiritual essence. Every plant has its own Earth-energy places
Miracle Healing Places
Instant healing in Altötting
Meteor Point
A place of high energies.
What is Earth Radiation?
Does Earth Radiation Cause Car Accidents?
Radiation Lines Do Change.
Ghost Villages.
The Moon Influences All Life.
Preventative medicine
Life Saving Treatment against all odds
Fat against dysentery?
Hemlock against Cancer
Going to the other side.
And not to "doctors prescription" diagnosis?
Accessing the subconscious mind is simple
Wrong question results in a wrong answer.
It will happen if you say "don't".
Real enlightenment.
Trying to access the subconscious mind
The "Try Test"
Kinesiology  / Muscle Testing
The ideal medication?
What is NOT Miracle Healing?
Miracle cancer healing?
Would he be still alive?
Diseases for the "rest of your life"
Survival Food and Real Health Food
Fresh Living Vegetables within Only a Few Days.
Vitamin Content  Increase By 600%
Tietze Publishing


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How about focussing on the POSITIVE?
Happyology is the new Science!
Perfect bound. A5. 114 pages
Can you inherit happiness
Healthy, Wealthy and Wise
Happiness and Health
Happiness and Wealth
Does a pair of shoes make you happy?
"Lucky food"
The big Luck could well be Bad Luck!
Happiness and Wisdom
Happyology - The science of Happiness?
Religion and Happiness
Excitement or Happiness?
Hormones and other influencing factors
    Drugs Prescription drugs Electro Magnetic Fields Acidity
The opposite of Happiness Depression CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) Hate Grief Are there coincidences?? What is time? Setting the limit of happiness Happiness For All How to be Happy Attitude Avoid disappointment, count on facts only Nobody can please everybody Remedies against negative emotions Flowers as remedies Living Wild Flower Remedies Balance Emotions
    Living Wild Flower Blends Methods of Use Advantages of the Stepanovs Method
Do we have to go through hard times to enjoy the good times? Stand back and wonder about chaos Questions about some teachings Happyology Training Rumours Do not follow the game of a hateful person Make sure that everyone makes you happy The Miracle Healing of Modern Medicine - Placebo You belong to nobody! Free Laughing at or with, that is the question Laugh epidemic How To Be Rich And Happy The Principles of Fulfilling Life's Fortune "Psychology, Astrology and Happiness OR Is Happiness an illusion?" ASK ME Life is like an Echo Colloidal Gold Some humor Conclusion
Tietze Publishing

Urine - Holy Water

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Don't read this book -
if you feel well, if you are slim and have beautiful skin, if you have no allergies, no depression, no asthma, no psoriasis and if you never expect to be bitten by a poisonous snake or spider.
Urine is a holy water for some of us..  read all about its powers.
The History of Holy Water
Urine Therapy in Modern Times
What is Urine?
Starting Problems
Placebo Effect in Urine Treatment?
How to Start the Therapy
Techniques of Urine Therapy
Internal Use
    Drinking Drops Under the Tongue Douching Ear Drops Enemas Gargling Homoeopathic Urine How to Make Homoeopathic Urine Injections Sniffing Rinsing
External Use
    Baths Hipbath Footbath Steam bath Eye Bath/Eye Drops Compresses Massages Body Massages Hair and Scalp Massage Rubbings
Other Applications
    Clay Pack Heated Urine Boiled Urine Magnetised Urine
Urine Charged with Colour Cautions Recycling of illegal or so called social drugs Preventative Therapy? How Does Urine Therapy Work? The Quality of Your Own Perfect Medicine Significant Substances in Urine and Their Effects Dosage Fasting for Health Urine from Others Treatment with Auto-urine Therapy Herbal Teas as Supportive Treatment Mixing Different Herbal Teas Diseases and Their Common Treatments Urine for Other Uses Please Help Research

Harald Tietze

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For more books written and/or published by Harald Tietze, visit his website by clicking HERE.