Shielding Paints and Foils

We have the perfect solution against the increasing prevalence of Smart Meters:  Shielding Paint! 

  • Foil offers protection, be it from mobile phone transmitters or the neighbour's WiFi network. 
  • Paints are ideal for shielding walls, whether they are facing a mobile transmitter, 'smart meter', or fuse box on the other side of the wall.

Please feel free to ask for advice for the best solution in your particular circumstance.

There is a wide range of shielding foils and paints available to us, far beyond what we can sell online.  We are happy to design and arrange the best solution for you.

Our foil-installers have years of industry experience and take pride in their workmanship. Installation adds approximately $ 40 per square meter to the price.

Please note that foils can not be returned.

CFA40 shielding paint from Gigahertz is a carbon fibre reinforced, solvent and metal free, high quality paint for indoors as well as outdoors. One single coating of this paint already offers a shielding efficiency of 99.98% against the adverse effects of high frequency radiation caused by cell-phone towers, wireless LAN, etc. („HF-Electrosmog").

Our paint has just topped a test of 11 different shielding paints, conducted independently in Germany: - Most effective, best priced!

Some of the paints showed very poor results, one did not shield, at all!

Its special composition with carbon fibres makes all the difference!

The significant advantage of our shielding paint CFA40 in comparison to other shielding paints is that it contains an innumerable amount of electrically conductive 3 mm carbon fibres, which ensure the surface connectivity essential for a safe grounding by reliably bridging any gaps or cracks in the surface. No further need for grounding tapes. Only ONE punctual connection to ground potential („building ground") is needed for any connected surface. For this purpose we recommend our cost-efficient grounding kit EPK eco, which contains all necessary components for a standard ground connection, which should, however, be done by a qualified electrician. 

Sustainable protection - shielding attenuation also for frequencies way beyond 10 GHz

Shielding performance of up to 99.98 % (38 dB) for single layer coatings, and up to 99.996 % (44 dB) for double layer coatings. Tests performed up to 18 GHz prove its effectivity also for new and increasingly higher frequency ranges.

Easy handling

Typical for any paint, the decisive advantage of the CFA40 shielding paint in comparison to wallpapers, fleeces or nettings is its easy handling. Any expert painter can apply this paint using a common paint roller without the need for further instructions or special know-how.

Top coating with common wall paints

CFA40 is a pure acrylic synthetic emulsion paint, allowing a perfect adhesion of most common plastic-bonded emulsion paints. We can also recommend all KEIM sol-silicate and emulsion silicate paints. Natural resin dispersion paints also have a relatively good adhesion, depending on their composition. Paints with pure mineral coatings, such as clay or chalc (except AURO 344), cannot be recommended.

Long lasting and corrosion-resistant

Many metal-based shielding products are not resistant to corrosion. The shielding paint CFA40 does not contain metal particles, but rather a mixture of carbonates, which makes it chemically stable, long lasting and permanently non-oxidising, even in humid surroundings.

Carefully selected ingredients

CFA40 shielding paint is free of solvents, plasticisers, or any other harmful ingredients. All ingredients are selected exclusively on the basis of their quality and harmlessness, independent of their price.


The VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds) of the CFA40 shielding paint have been tested in an independent and accredited laboratory according to the standards of ChemVOCFarbV. Since 2010, the legal maximum value for the product category A/a is 30 g/l. The CFA40 shielding paint has a value of 0.2 g/l, which means it is 150 times lower than currently decreed.

Shielding attenuation tests

The shielding attenuation is regularly tested in the manufacturer's laboratory or by Prof. Pauli of the German Army University in Munich, always referring to the standards ASTM D4935-10 and/or IEEE-STD-299-2006.

Fields of application

The shielding paint CFA40 offers a great variety of application possibilities: In private surroundings for a protection against mobile phone base stations, radio stations and networks, radar services, cordless phones, or power lines. In the economic, scientific, and research sector for skimming and bugging protection or material and facility shielding. In the medical sector to prevent falsified patient measurement values (such as ECG/EEG). In the industrial sector, for instance in the development dept. of car manufacturers. In prisons to prevent unauthorised mobile phone communications. Further possible areas of application: computing centers, engineering rooms, schools, kindergardens, hotel rooms, sick rooms, recording studios, ...


Gigahertz Solutions

Shielding Paint CFA40

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The paint that keeps out smart-meters, mobile radiation, or blocks electric fields from the fuse box or wiring.

Reliable shielding against high-frequency radiation (HF) and low-frequency electric fields (LF). Innumerable electrically conductive carbon fibres of 3 mm length allow a reliable bridging over potential cracks in the wall and therefore provide a continuous surface compound necessary for a safe earthing.

This paint is the result of thorough Gigahertz research, and provides unprecedented protection.

User Manual CFA40


Attenuation: Up to 38 dB (99.98%) at 1 GHz for single layer coating, through to 18 GHz, and up to 44 dB (99.996%) at 1 GHz for double layer coating through to 18 GHz.

Excellent shielding effectivity even with single layer coating

  • For interior and exterior application (yield: 5 - 6.6 m²/l)
  • Free of metals and permanently corrosion resistant
  • Solvent-free, vapour permeable, low odour and low emission: VOC-concentration lower than 0.2 g/l (EU limit values 30 g/l)
  • Black pure acrylate paint, easy to overpaint with all common emulsion paints
  • 100% permeability for the natural Schumann resonances
  • The paint is not suitable for airless spraying!
  • A certified electrician will ensure the compliance of all norms essential for mounting of earthing plate, if needed.
  • Earthing components can be found, below.

Cannot be shipped to USA or Canada


Natural Shielding Paint

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The natural paint, made from chalk, graphite powder, diatomaceous earth, casein, hydrated lime.

Note:  Price is for 0.5 kg

The Natural Paint Company's Shielding Paint can be applied to textured or similar wallpapers, timber, plaster,concrete, bricks as well as to old, intact dispersion coats.

Mix 0.5 kg of paint powder in 0.7 litres of water, add 3 drops of dish-washing detergent.  Covers approx.  5 m2.

Laboratory test results ...  in German, but the graphs will hopefully make sense.

ZERO VOC solvents!  No odour-masking additives.No softeners.

Our Natural Paints are made from chalk, lime, casein (plant), marble powder and clay. They are simple, organic, environmentally friendly (brushes, hands and rollers can be washed in the sink), child-friendly and hypo-allergenic. Our Natural Paints contain no Petro-chemicals and do not contribute to global warming. Based on renewable raw plant and mineral materials that are organically sourced and never tested on animals, they are safe to be used by mum's to be; breastfeeding mothers; asthmatics; sufferers from sinusitis, rhinitis and other allergic reactions; children, the elderly and anyone in between. Our Natural Paints are safe for use for anyone from 1 – 100 . . . have a go!


Earthing Kit

earth kit
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Earth connection set for use with all conductive shielding paints.  The earthing kit is for interior and exterior use.

For each separate shielded area one ground connection set has to be used.

In some case, an additional earthing strip may be required.

Grounding makes sure that any current leakage or electric field is sent to earth. Otherwise, there is a (remote) danger that one could get electrocuted, if there is an electrical fault and one touches the conductive surface.


Stainless steel ground connection plate 8 x 8 x 0.3 cm, with conductive fleece attached to back side.

Ground connection (M6 thread) pre-mounted.

IP-65 housing, for weatherproof protection.

Stainless steel screws and screw plugs / wall anchors, 6 mm diameter.

Grounding bracket / grounding clamp 8 – 48 mm.

Cable eyes / lugs from 0.75 mm² to 25 mm².

2 meters of grounding wire 1.5 mm² and 6 mm², one of each (HAR, UL, CSA).

Grounding cable for outdoor use available upon request.

Manual / installation procedure with pictures included


Earthing Tape EB1

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Self-adhesive grounding tape over shielding paints to bridge cracks in the underground.
The adhesive on EB1 is electrically conductive. Thee EB1 can only be applied over the paint. EB2 adheres with 3 N/cm very well even on difficult undergrounds.
  • Self-adhesive
  • With electrically conductive adhesive
  • Adhesive force 3 N/cm
  • Width 2 cm, length 10 m, thickness 0.2 mm

Earthing Tape EB2

  • Description
Self-adhesive grounding tape for use under shielding paints to bridge cracks in the underground.
The adhesive on EB2 is electrically non-conductive. The EB2 can only be applied under the paint. With a new glue, EB2 holds with 10 N/cm very well, even on difficult undergrounds.
  • Self-adhesive
  • With electrically non-conductive glue
  • Adhesive force 10 N/cm
  • Width 2 cm, length 10 m, thickness 0.2 mm

Foil RDF 99 Premium

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The high-tech foil RDF 99 Premium with high gold and silver content and amazing shielding properties but very high transparency.

The construction of this RDF 99 foil achieves unprecedented levels of light transmission and EMR shielding!

  • Light transmission   72%
  • EMR shielding (200 mHz to 10 GHz) 29 to 48 dB, which corresponds an efficiency of 99% to 99.999%
  • UV transmission     <1%
  • Summer U-value        .9
  • Winter U-value         1.0

Self-adhesive, easy to install.
For shielding against HF radiation from mobile phone transmitters, TV, radio, radar, military installations.


Note that this product comes off the roll at a width of 1.52 m (and 1.219 m).   Price by running meter (for 1.52 m width).

Discounts apply for larger orders.  Please ask for a quote, as the pricing depends very much on the size and number of windows.  We quote including and excluding installation, in case you want to use your own installer. 

Please email for further details or quotations.