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Here, you can find information on Earthing, or Grounding.

It is essential, to have a healthy energy flow between ourselves and the Earth, and there are several devices on the market to address this issue.  It is quite ironical, how we could virtually isolate ourselves from our own Earth Ground!

There are many ways to achieve grounding, - here a few examples.


Over-simplified, - you just get conductive material to put on your mattress (fabric, sheet metal, fly-screen, ...) connect it to the power-point Earth contact, and you are done.  However, there are some potential problems with this. 

  • The electrical system might not be earthed properly, and you connect yourself to more electrical charges, instead of disconnecting.
  • Secondly, your device can attract electric fields from wiring around the bed (walls, ceiling, loose cabling), 'sucking' them through your body, thus increasing your body voltage.

In both cases, you need to make sure to be able to measure your body voltage and the field strength of the surrounding fields, - or you might spend a lot of money on counter-productive technology. 

For the do-it-yourself people amongst you, we recommend the following equipment, - otherwise it is a good idea to have a home consultation and even establish, whether there is an earthing problem, in the first place.  In addition to that, we can then find the most appropriate and effective solution for your individual circumstance.



 It can easily proven with any of the Gigahertz instruments, that nothing beats walking bare-foot, preferably on moist ground, - or wearing leather shoes.  Synthetic soles vary tremendously in their ability to insulate/ connect.  Again, the above body voltage measuring set-up described above will show you which shoes to wear or buy. 

A morning walk with bare feet on the lawn is pure delight, - you will feel how your body loves it!  See Harald Tietze's book on Kneipp- Cure (Water Medicine) for more. 


Room climate

A dry, air-conditioned room with synthetic carpets and  a high level of electro-static discharges is the worst environment for grounding.  It is essential, to create a building biologically positive environment, with natural materials and breathing walls.  Sleep in a straw-bale house, - and you'll understand! 

In some cases, like office environments, you might think about humidifiers, plants, or airfilter/ ionisers.