Demand Switches

Reduce electric fields in your home, improving your health and your sleep.  Your home feels more quiet and calm and you will sleep more peacefully.  Children can respond particularly well.

Demand Switches are installed into the fuse box.  They eliminate electric fields by turning off the circuit they are guarding, when no current is flowing.  Sleeping amongst electric fields is  a health hazard.

When you turn off the last appliance (e.g. the bedside lamp), the switch senses that no electricity is used and disconnects the circuit in the fuse box, giving you and your family a safe night's sleep (of course, it works also during the day).  When you turn your light on again, it re-connects within a 50th of a second.  

The functioning of other appliances, like the fridge, is not affected, as they are not connected to the same bedroom circuit.

We are offering  various types of demand switches, depending on your needs.  The simplest version, which works for most situations, is the  DS Comfort 1. 

The Comfort 7 and 8 switches are  the latest development.  They are able to detect and tolerate a residual current flow, which makes installation much easier.  

For particularly difficult installations, Gigahertz developed a the Ultima range, which can switch off, even though up to 100 Watts of power is drawn as a base load.

Demand switches need to be installed (circuit diagram included) by a licensed electrician.

Gigahertz and Biologa demand switches have come out on top in tests by the German consumer's association. 

For any further questions about the right switch for your individual situation, please call Livspace.  We are happy to help.


Key Benefits

  • Makes your home a safer place by reducing electro-pollution.
  • Improves your sleep.
  • Fully automatic.  Install and forget.
  • 5 Year warranty

Demand Switch COMFORT

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Demand switches work automatically, you don't need to do anything!

The most commonly used demand switch. Reliable and suited to almost all situations.
  • Comfort 1:  10 Amps, ideal for light circuits
  • Comfort 5: 16 Amps, ideal for straight forward installation in light or power circuits
  • Comfort 7: 16 Amps, the most popular model suits most situations.
  • Comfort 8: 16 Amps, designed for the most difficult situations, this model's sensitivity is adjustable.

Compared to conventional demand switches, the NA7 has the following advantages:

Easy installation without complicated adjustments to the local situation or installation of additional base load elements.

It reliably works also with electronic consumers (such as rotating dimmers, vacuum cleaners, switching power supplies for instance for halogen ceiling lights)

The DC control voltage and a cascaded rectifier circuit forces the critical residual ripple down to only few millivolts. The system control lamp which comes with the device allows an easy and constant function monitoring.

It also serves as excellent lightning protector in the case of excessive voltage due to a lightning strike in your neighbourhood.

Reverse polarity protection: If phase and neutral are accidentally wired the wrong way, this will be signalised and so protect you from installation errors.

Resumes functionality autonomously after an electric power outage.

Minimum turn-on delays and short turn-off delays, without risking instable switching status

Comfort NA7 Data

Capacity: Nominal voltage / capacity: 16 A, 230 VAC +/- 10%, 2300 watt bulb load. Mechanical operating time of relay: approx. 15,000,000 switching cycles. Single-pole disconnection: for optimum operator protection and minimum residual ripple. A low resistance outle
Ripple: < 2 mV / < 4 mV / < 8 mV (nominal/typical/maximum)
Surveillance voltage: DC voltage (230 VDC, max. 8 mA) uncritical with regard to the building biology standards.
Further Questions: VDE certificate, ID-no. 40000677
Safety: Protected against excess voltage according to IEC 1000-4-4 (Burst) and IEC 1000-4-5 (Surge). Clearance and creepage distance according to EN 600065/VDE0860 are met. Housing: Mounting rail according to DIN-EN 50022
Weight: 0,2 kg

Demand Switch ULTIMA 8U8

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The demand switch Ultima is ideal for situations, where there is always a residual load e.g. from the TV, DVD, fridge, or movement sensors on standby, which prevents normal demand switches from turning off.  With an Ultima, you can tell it to turn off once there is a defined base load of 25 W (or similar).
  • Ultima 8U8:  Works with a load of up to 100 Watts
  • Ultima 8U8T:  Works with a load of up to 100 Watts; includes time-switch, for water bed, stereo, garage door, etc.


  • Current/Amps: 16 A, 230 VAC +/- 10%, 3500 Watt loading
    Relais is built to switch around 15.000.000 times.
    1-pole switching: for optimal safety, and active protection against 'dirty' frequencies.  


  • < 1 mV / < 1 mV / < 1 mV (nominal/typical/maximum)
    Checking Voltage: Minimal Low DC of 230 Millivolt


  • Safety: Spike-proof according to IEC 1000-4-4 (Burst) und IEC 1000-4-5 (Surge) Air and current leakage within EN 600065 / VDE0860.
    Housing: In fusebox (DIN-EN 50 022), 35 mm = 2 PE





Demand Switch NEFA 16 DUO

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This demand switch has been designed as an economical way to securing TWO circuits.
  • High quality, made in Germany
  • 5 year warranty


240 V, 16 A

52 x 55 mm (3 TE)

test current 9V DC

Sensitivity adjustable 0-100 mA

Turn-off delay 4 sec

Turn-on delay 0.1 sec

LEDs green=connected, red=load 1 and 2