Combination Instrument Sets

These sets include instruments for low frequency fields(electric, magnetic, - LF EMF), as well as for high frequency electro-magnetic radiation(HF EMR).

The combined instruments come in a case and are an economical option for anyone, who wants to cover the whole spectrum of electro-pollution.

This selection consists of the most encompassing and valuable combination options from Gigahertz. 

Please email for any other combinations, or adjustments to existing kits. 

MITO EMF meter

The little Mito meter is a great indicator for people, who would like some idea of their exposure.  It is easy to use and easy to read.

Electrosmog Measuring Kit MK20-W

Combine all the basics in our best-selling measurement kit MK20 in order to cover the ever increasing RF frequencies, i.e. the (upper "sub 6 GHz" 5G band and upper WiFi band). Dirty Power" is also measured and the sources of RF pollution can be distinguished by audio analysis.

Electrosmog Measuring Kit MK30-W

The perfect price/ value combination!

The designated successor of the MK30 measuring kit, the most popular among doctors and other health practitioners to date! Covers the lower 5G bands, the 3.4-3.8 GHz band and the upper Wi-Fi band. Gives a comprehensive picture of the total exposure to "electrosmog" especially with regard to buzzwords "dirty power" and 5G. Even without daily measurement practice or deep technical knowledge.

MK70 3Dplus 2.2 Combination Set

Our professional power pack:   All you ever wanted ;-)