Combination Instrument Sets

These sets include instruments for low frequency fields(electric, magnetic, - LF EMF), as well as for high frequency electro-magnetic radiation(HF EMR).

The combined instruments come in a case and are an economical option for anyone, who wants to cover the whole spectrum of electro-pollution.


Electrosmog Measuring Kit MK20

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Beginner's Value:

  • Contains the instruments ME3830B and HF35C.
  • Allows an easy evaluation of the personal exposure to HF and LF electrosmog according to the guidelines and recommended safety values of the "Standard of Building Biology Measuring Technique" (© Maes, IBN).
  • The HF-device includes the very useful feature of an acoustic analysis for a reliable identification of the various pulsed HF sources, and the LF-device has an extended frequency range designed to also measure the artificial harmonics.
  • For detailed specifications of the devices please refer to the respective product descriptions.
Gigahertz Solutions

Electrosmog Measuring Kit MK30

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The perfect price/ value combination!
  • The devices contained in this measuring kit are a perfect combination of the easily operated devices for technical amateurs with the additional analytical possibilities offered by the devices for professional evaluations.
  • This is the top-selling kit for doctors and healers looking for a competent overview over the total emf-pollution either for themselves or for their patients, but who neither have the daily practice nor the time to get acquainted in the necessary manner with the technology of a professional measurement device.

The HF38B, for instance, already features the frequency range, the peak-hold function and the antenna of the professional series.

And the ME3840B is already equipped with the switchable frequency filter for a clear differentiation of traction supply and mains supply as well as the corresponding artificial harmonics.

The devices come well protected in a plastic case with shaped foam filler for safe transportation.


Manuals for download:

ME 3840B manual

HF 38B manual


Full HF Range: 27MHz to 6 GHz

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This set has the ability to measure the latest generation of cordless phones and all other relevant frequencies in a huge range.  A combination of the HFE35C and HFW35C has the added advantage of detailed readings for each specific frequency range.