Low Frequency EMF measuring instruments

The following table is an overview of LF instruments available from Gigahertz, measuring electric and magnetic fields of A/C electricity.

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Gigahertz EMF measuring instruments



 Price, $


 great beginner's choice



 5 Hz to 100 KHz frequency range



 allowing frequency analysis



 professional standard



 5 Hz to 400 KHz !



 3-D magnetic field analyser with data logger



 new generation measuring of electric and magnetic fields



 the ultimate professional tool for 3D and data logging, as well as dirty frequencies


ME 3030B

The ME 3030B measures electric and magnetic A/C fields. Sometimes referred to as a Gaussmeter, this instrument can do much more!


A simple to use instrument for LF EMF measurements


The link between amateur and professional instruments

ME 3851A

Professional Low Frequency Measuring of 240V/ 60 Hz - with the ME 3851A.


The professional choice

NFA 30 M

 3-D magnetic field analyser with data logger


Innovative alternative to the ME series, based on a superior concept for efficient data acquisition of electric and magnetic fields, extensive long-term recording of all relevant parameters and an easy interpretation and documentation of the acquired data.


3D-LF-Analyser with data logger:  NFA 1000 for the most in-depth analysis - our masterpiece!