High Frequency EMR measuring instruments

Mobile phones, 4G, 5G, Wifi, microwaves, radar, radio and TV....  there  is an instrument for every relevant part of the spectrum.



Our RF / HF - Analysers come with a professional logarithmic-periodic antenna and are made for the measurement an localization of electromagnetic / high frequency radiation from 27 MHz to 10 GHz, a range comprising frequencies from radio and TV (digital as well as analogue), TETRA (digital public safety networks), amateur radio, citizens band radio, microwave radio relay, mobile radio (GSM, GPRS, UMTS, LTE, CDMA, 3G, 4G, 5G), radar, DECT cordless telephones, Wi-Fi, WLAN, microwave ovens, WiMAX, and many more.

Common Advantages of all our HF-Analysers:

  • The total exposure is being measured and displayed directly in the units of the recommended limiting values of the standard of Buildingbiology SBM (µW/m²)
  • The included logarithmic periodic antennas have a patented design, they are fully compensated and allow for pinpointing the source of EMF-pollution.
  • The high resolution and long time precision is granted through – also patented – self-aligning circuitry elements.
  • The audio analysis feature helps identifying the underlying radio services (except HF32D)
  • The provided measurement guideline including their recommended limiting values of the standard of Buildingbiology SBM enables even technical laypeople to perform a reliable assessment of the personal EMF-pollution, as well as a determination of suitable remedial actions, and a control of their effectiveness.


A simple to use, handy beginner's instrument


The HF35C  instrument gives you high accuracy for measuring radiation from mobile phones and their transmitters, as well as Wifi and other microwaves.


Measure up to 6 GHz with this well-priced piece of equipment.  

HFE35C analyser kit

A High Frequency instrument

The extra-broad frequency response of the UBB27 antenna, together with the features and specifications of the HFE35C offer an outstanding overview of the lower frequency ranges.

HFEW35C set

This combination covers the whole high frequency range, from 27MHz to 6GHz. 


The link to the professional range


This set supplements the HF38B with the HFW35C, which is particularly popular with doctors and alternative practitioners, in order to also cover the upper WLAN band and the newly assigned 5G bands between 3.4 and 3.8 GHz. Due to its extremely high sensitivity, it is also ideal for EHS patients (electrohypersensitive). With this set, remediation measures can be determined in a targeted manner and their effectiveness can be monitored.


Our top of the range HF instrument.


This kit, based on the HF59B, offers an excellent dynamic response of approx. 93 dB. The innovative functions of the basic device HF59B in combination with the broad frequency response of the UBB27 antenna offer outstanding possibilities for the evaluation of high frequency.

HFW59D plus

HFW59D in its PLUS configuration supplements the Buildingbiology equipment for the upper frequency range up to 10 GHz: Especially for the analysis of the two WLAN/WiFi bands, the recently auctioned 5G band and, of course, radar between 8.5 and 9.5 GHz.

HFEW59BD Plus set

Based on the professional HF analysers HFE59B and HFW59Dplus with the respective accessories. The frequencies covered by this kit contain amateur radio, radio, TV, TETRA, the common mobile radio services, cordless phones, radar...

Just to be perfectly clear:

Our technology is fully frequency compensated, i.e. no frequency range is overrated, underrated or even ignored. In addition, our measurement technology always shows the SUM of ALL existing radiation at the place of measurement, not only the strongest signal, as is the case with the cheap - allegedly - very broadband detectors that have been launched on the market in recent years. The two features mentioned above are extremely important for a meaningful measurement and technically very difficult to implement. This is also the reason for the unique position of our instruments in their respective price class. All of this happens continuously in real time - thus a meaningful measurement is possible considerably faster than with a spectrum analyzer, yet another advantage with regard to far more expensive and complicated measurement technology. The measured values are displayed reliably and directly in the unit of the building biology precautionary values - without any calculations being necessary. The HF-Analysers are equipped with a fully-fledged log.-per. antenna. This clearly sets them apart technologically from compact pocket devices without an external antenna. The log.-per antennas of the devices allow users to detect and measure even hidden sources of high frequency electromagnetic radiation (HF). The measurement can take place both indoors and outdoors (protect the meter from moisture!). Detailed measuring instructions with limiting values allow a reliable evaluation of the personal exposure - even without technical expertise. Last but not least: Many patents have been granted to us, the devices have ten thousandfold proven their reliability, and have shown to be leading-edge in their price categories.