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Joachim Herrmann, interviews


Introduction into health-aspects of Building Biology.

An interview on Philippine TV, 'Mornings' with ABS CBN


Interview with 'Shoptalk' by Pia Honteveros on ABS CBN

This one is broken up into youtube-bites, as well:







Beings of Resonance


If you watch anything, - this is the video to watch.

Interesting, clear, factual - without fear-mongering and emotional arguments.  You will understand, why we are so concerned about electro-pollution.

Blood Clotting from mobile phone call



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The Palestinian-American director Talal Jabari has made a documentary on the health problems caused by cellular phones and cell phone towers. You can watch the trailer for this award winning movie on the official movie website Some brief interviews can be listened to here:


Dangerous Mobiles - Australian Research

 BBC Panorama on the dangers of WIFI computer networks in classrooms

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 You can find the other parts of this broadcast on Youtube


The European Union are working on a standard for exposure from mobile phones/ cell phones.  Watch this video, - it is an eye-opener. 


60 Minutes Australia:  Mobile Phone Dangers (Wake-up Call)





 Dangers of WIFI in Schools, by Dr George Carlo