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Mobile Phone Radiation

Problems associated with mobile phone use:

  • DNA damage
  • reduction in sperm count
  • leucaemia, cancer
  • changes in brain wave patterns
  • impact on brain function
  • opening of blood-brain barrier
  • red blood cells roll up, change shape
  • free radicals, oxidising stress
  • melatonin production changes
  • headaches, drowsiness
  • tinnitus
  • damage to cell structure
  • sleeping problems The Palestinian-American director Talal Jabari has made a documentary on the health problems caused by cellular phones and cell phone towers. You can watch the trailer for this award winning movie on the official movie website http://fullsignalmovie.com/index.html. Some brief interviews can be listened to here: http://fullsignalmovie.com/news.html.

see European parliament working on report on microwave radiation

see 60 Minutes from 5.4.09  >click here<


Note, that most of these articles were written during times, when we did not even have 4G, and mobile phones were phones, not smart phones.  Our exposure has risen dramatically, since.

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  1. Exposure to radio-frequency radiation linked to tumour formation in rats (2016)


See an  introduction video into the topic, above..

SAR values can be found at http://reviews.cnet.com/4520-6602_7-5020355-1.html?tag=lnav

Mobile Phone Radiation

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Note that in 2009, far less data went through the system.

Exposure to RF linked to tumor formation in rats

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