Earth Energies and Divining/ Dowsing

Scientists are able to measure objectively underground watercourses and geological disturbances.   All of the above can impact severely on our well-being, as they interfere with the body's own systems and rhythms.  Dowsers have been able to predict cancer  in clients by finding the grid crossings in their bed.  Certainly, cancer can rarely be attributed to any one factor alone, but there is enough evidence to show that earth lines are a major contributing stress factor, which is often overlooked.

Children can be particularly susceptible and respond to prolonged exposure with behavioural and learning difficulties, as well as bed wetting.

Some Earth energies can also be very beneficial, and it would be a great shame to miss out on them.  Why place a TV on the energy well, if you could sleep on it?

A simple way to detect land energies is by dowsing.  Anyone can be shown how to do it quite easily (see for example Awakening the Third Eye, by Dr. Samuel Sagan). 

Great care needs to be taken with bedrooms and workplaces, where people spend most of their time in one position, and just as with EMFs and other pollutants, children are particularly at risk.

Earth lines are like invisible walls of energy, approximately 20 cm wide (varying with moon cycle and local situation).  They generally run in the direction of N-S, E-W, but can also often be found at an angle to this direction.  The spacing should be even, approximately 2m apart.  However, this may also vary according to the local situation.  In the Blue Mountains area, they are for example more densely spaced and also often more intense, compared to the Sydney area.

An informative little booklet is 'Dowsing Manual', by the famous dowser Harald Tietze.