Feng Shui and Space Clearing

This is demonstrated well by people like Karen Kingston, and many others.  Their approach is empowering the client to develop and follow his/her intuition. This is in contrast to some other schools of Feng Shui, which encourage rather dogmatic rules without true understanding of the art.

I encourage my clients to participate in the consultation process, so they may develop the relationship to their home or workplace.  The interaction with the environment is very intimate, and to explore this relationship can be an intense personal growth experience.

Creating a sacred space does not just happen 'outside'.  The separation between inside (me) and outside (not me) is a very un-helpful concept in dealing with the world around us. 

I also need to point out, that there are new (new, in relation to Feng Shui) energies in the world, that need to be harmonised with the inhabitants.  These are electromagnetic fields and waves, chemical and biological pollutants, noise, air ionisation, dusts and fibres.  - All of these have a potentially harmful impact, and mirrors and chimes certainly are not helpful in neutralising them.  

Only after dealing with such gross pollutants, can a subtle and sacred relationship with the home be developed.

For your life to work well, it is vital to have a good flow of clear, vibrant energy in your home and workplace.  Feng Shui is a beautifully organised system of knowledge that teaches us how to enhance this energy flow by improving building design, furniture placement, colour schemes, and so on.

Space Clearing is a branch of Feng Shui, which works at deep levels of subtle energies.  It cleans out old imprints, be it from previous owners, or from your own emotions.  As past needs to be left behind to make place for the future, so do we need to erase the imprints in our homes and workplaces  to live our future free from past restrictions.

Joachim Herrmann has performed clearing rituals in many homes and businesses to empower the owners to get on with the life they want to live, unrestricted from previous imprints in the atmosphere of their spaces.