Buildingbiology Services are offering you the following services to help you create a harmonious home and office. Choose the links below to navigate.

Home Consultations

Your Home is your most precious living space.  Let us help you make it healthy for you.

Office Consultations

In modern workplaces, people are exposed to a variety of health hazards.  To be creative, productive and energetic, the stress caused by environmental factors must be reduced.

Property Search

Tell me your needs, and I will find the right -healthy- home for you.

Project Management

We can coordinate your new building or renovation projet to ensure that health is always the priority.

Design Advice

To help you achieve your objective of healthy building, I consult with you (or your architect).  Your architect might not be familiar with issues around wiring, the best non-toxic building materials, Feng Shui, etc.

Feng Shui

The interest in this ancient art of placement and energy flows has grown rapidly in recent times: Home design, clutter clearing, placement of furniture, earth energies, dowsing, clearings of unwanted energies.