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High Frequency Electro-magnetic Radiation

This is an article about High Frequency Radiation and the dangers of Microwaves, published in WellBeing 1/97.

    What’s cooking?

Mrs. K. in Katoomba has no option but to move out of her little flat, - at an age of 78. Her neighbours refuse to move their TVs, which are emitting radiation channels through her flat. The new fluorescent light outside also causes distress. Nobody believes her, yet she feels the energy when moving through it, she wakes up in the morning feeling heavy and exhausted, she sleeps with aching limbs and a burning all over her body. She spends as much time as possible outside her flat and recovers from the symptoms as soon as she spends a few days away. Mrs. K. is one of an increasing number of people all over the world, who realise that they are affected by electromagnetic energies.

- Their sensitivity actually forces us to acknowledge that this energy has a significant impact on the human system and motivates us to further research. Invisible HF pollution In the following, I shall attempt to describe the energies we are dealing with and hope to increase awareness about their effects on the human biology. There is growing evidence, that electromagnetic forces contribute to the many chronic ailments of our culture just as much as chemicals. They trigger asthma and allergies, cause fatigue and nervousness, dizziness, poor immunity, depression and sleeping problems and the link to cancer has clearly been demonstrated. I shall focus on high frequency (HF) wave energy of the electromagnetic spectrum only, not touching on the electric and magnetic low frequency fields, as in our power supply. HF begins at around 100,000 vibrations per second (100 Kilohertz) and leads into Megahertz , ending at around 300 Gigahertz with microwaves. Beyond that, the electromagnetic spectrum continues as infra red, visible light, ultraviolet, x-rays and gamma radiation.

We know HF waves as radio and television waves, AM, FM, longwave, shortwave, radar and microwaves. If bodies are warmed up by electromagnetic waves, we speak of thermal effects (think of the microwave oven). There also are a number of non-thermal effects which are currently being researched, like interference with biological communication processes and information exchange, as well as nerve irritation. Further non thermal effects are being discovered, as we learn about the interaction between these energies, humans and nature. They are created not just by ovens and large transmitters, but also by satellites, mobile phones, ham radios, ‘electronic baby sitters', computer and TV monitors and high voltage power lines.

There is no place left on earth without the impact of HF radiation. Wherever we can receive a signal we know that there is an artificial energy far greater than the natural background radiation. Microwave ovens have been tested in Germany, and not one of them was without emissions. The testers recommended to leave the kitchen, while a microwave oven is operating. Closer to home, you will be impressed to hear that the piloting system of Brisbane airport emits now microwaves, instead of radar. Officials will however be quick to assure the concerned citizen, that everything is well within safety guidelines. What they usually do not know, is that safety values are based on thermal effects, alone. According to these, we only need to worry, once we are being cooked! Non-thermal effects have been ignored, entirely.

  • Tissue has been shown to heat up by 6 degrees at a power density of 10,000 mW/cm2 (milliwatt per square centimetre); eyes are damaged at 0.05 mW/cm2; neurological irritation occurs from 10 mW/cm2; the EEG shows an impact from 1 mW/cm2.
  • In comparison, Radio and TV transmitters show 1 mW/cm2 at a distance of 100 m, military radar can do this even at 1 km. Police radar creates a power density of 0.005 mW/cm2 at 5 meters, microwave ovens have been measured to have leakeages up to 20 mW/cm2, and mobile phones create an impact of 1 to 50 mW/cm2 at the antenna.

The Americans discovered in 1976 that the Russians had microwaved their Moscow embassy to ear drop. Concern about this was great and there was an increased rate of miscarriages and leukaemias and as a result staff sued the American government for compensation. Yet, the microwave bombardment was 3 digits (!) below the then safety values. Dr. Andreas Varga, University of Heidelberg, has recently radiated chicken eggs with HF 40% below official values. All died or were severely crippled. To make matters worse, very little is known about synergistic effects of different HF waves or the interaction of HF with other stress factors or pollutants. People seem to be individually affected by specific frequencies, field strengths or modulations. Again, little research has been done to allow conclusive statements. FM radiation appears to be relatively harmless, AM is more of a concern and pulse modulation (as in digital mobile phones) is the most aggressive type of HF energy. 

For example: Digital Mobile Phones

They surely are useful for the consumer and fantastic business for industry, but there is plenty of evidence that they may put the asbestos scandal to shame and in the end may cost our society far more than their comfort has been worth. In the US, the first court cases have been filed for compensation, and Nokia are investing heavily to design a phone which will shield the microwaves from the head. (To where, may I ask?) Mobiles work on the principle of a HF wave, - which by itself would not be considered dangerous, - and a low frequency pulse modulation imposed on it, carrying the actual message. Pulse modulation is comparable to the jackhammer principle. A 30 kg hammer does not even scratch concrete, but if it is switched on and off, it goes through anything with a minimal amount of energy. Or to use another analogy: Light does not harm anyone, but if it is switched like a stroboscope, serious neurotic symptoms can be triggered. Research in Germany has proven, that the human EEG is altered for up to a week after a single phone call! That shows that the brain functions are actually interfered with, and one wonders about the roll-on to everyday life. The EKG also is affected by the use of mobile phones, demonstrating the disturbance of the heart as the centre of our inner harmony. Mutagenic effects have been shown, as well. To add an almost comical note to this, let me explain how the safety values are set. -The average between the peak (on) and the off period is taken and the conclusion is drawn, that there is nothing to worry about. This is comparable to calculating the average between smacks and the break between them and to arrive at the conclusion that smacks are gentle touches. Or like averaging the weight of our jackhammer to 15 kg (30kg and 0kg), lying it on the ground -and declaring it perfectly safe for concrete. According to the research done on human brain and heart functions quoted above, a distance of 30m to 90m, depending on the phone model, should be kept! Russian safety norms actually prescribe a distance of around 60m. They might however change their norms with the advent of mobiles, just as we have in Australia, when the government has simply multiplied previous limits by the factor of 5, to 1 mW/cm2. In comparison, natural High Frequency Radiation is below 0.00001 micro watt per square centimetre, a billion times less. And that is not ‘averaged’, that’s for real. Biological Impact

Every form of life acts as a biological antenna. Trees, weakened by other environmental stresses, are dying in areas of Europe close to or in the channel of transmitters. People show higher rates of brain tumours, leukaemia or miscarriages. The natural etheric forces are being raped by the ignorant use of this technology, we only consider short term comfort and gain, ignoring the impact of our actions on the living earth. Actions, that will be very difficult to reverse. Thanks to Motorola (to begin with ...), 66 low level satellites will in the near future bring us the ‘world phone’, enabling us to phone from anywhere to everywhere. Soon, they will drown everyone in HF microwaves and it will take years to establish that this has an impact on living organisms. Why not research beforehand? How can it be possible, that such a significant intervention into the natural environment can be made without thorough investigation? I believe, this is far more relevant to life on earth than even an explosion of a subterranean nuclear bomb.

“Our organism receives the vibration, amplifies and reproduces it. It integrates it into its own resonances and harmonies. The natural electromagnetic signals, which regulate our bodily functions, may be weakened or strengthened, remain undeterred or be deleted. The pattern of resonance is being changed and so called ‘unspecific symptoms’ (as mentioned at the beginning of this article), whose exact original causes can not be traced, are the result.... HF waves disrupt the central regulation of life processes.” (Dr. Braun von Gladiss) We are all exposed to this process, if we like it, or not. Only a few, like Mrs. K. can - as yet - identify and locate the problem and act to reduce their stress load. Others need to avoid an unseen threat to maintain their well being. Note, that the average cell performs more than 100,000 biophysical operations per second!

    Switch off, shield off, move off

There are many ways to reduce the risks of HF radiation. Note, that all metals, appliances and electric wires attract, modify and transmit HF.

  • Avoid metal when planning a new building or buying furniture. ( Innerspring mattresses, steel frames, aluminium backed insulation, etc.)
  • Distance from appliances or framing also works, however, measurements need to be taken locally to establish the dimension of the HF and other fields. You would be surprised to find which far distant radio stations can be received with mattresses, shelving, or a handrail.
  • Refrain from using microwave ovens. Apart from the radiation, there is the issue of what it does to the life forces in the food. Harald Tietze has performed a simple experiment, heating seeds in pots to 80 degrees Celsius in a microwave and a conventional oven, with the result that only the latter survived.
  • Don’t let your children play with hand held transmitters or use a ‘baby phone’ to supervise the little one. These instruments are subject to different safety norms and often have shown extreme emissions.
  • Try not to use in-house wireless phones, especially the digital ones.
  • Do not use digital mobile phones and complain to anyone using them next to you. If you really need a mobile, use an analog one.
  • Keep a distance from digital mobile phone towers between 200m to 1000m, depending on the situation.
  • Use only infra red wireless headphones for TV or stereo.
  • Computer screens should be low radiation, preferably by the low Swedish standard. Shielding screens and all-around coats can also be used. Do not sit, where the back of a computer monitor is directed towards you. Computer safety norms unfortunately do not apply for TVs. Therefore keeping the distance is important. Also, the standby mode should be avoided. Switch off completely, instead.
  • Fluorescent lights may be energy efficient and economical, but most of them have been shown to emit HF far beyond the mostly applied Swedish norms.
  • Keep away from transmitter towers, a minimum of 1 km is recommended, but depends very much on the nature of the transmitter.
  • Massive building materials like double brick shield HF better than timber or fibro. Have small windows facing a HF source. High density living is safer than low density, valleys better than hill tops. Shielding materials are available, but their value has shown to be limited and needs to be looked at in an individual context. Often it helps to move the bed a couple of meters, depending on the way the radiation enters the bedroom.
  • Prefer cable to satellite TV.
  • Consider the installation of HF reducing filters into your home mains.

    Safety values

As mentioned, the natural background radiation for the last few 100,000 years of evolution was 0.00000001 mW/cm2. Anything above that can not be considered safe in terms of the evolution of our planet. It therefore constitutes a stress factor. Building Biologists recommend a maximum of 0.00001 mW/cm2 for sleeping places as a desirable value. If in doubt about your home or workplace situation, consult a certified Building Biologist to take measurements and recommend a course of action for your individual situation, perhaps in consultation with your naturopath. We regularly get referrals from allergy specialists or even healers who are concerned with learning and developmental difficulties in children. There is no question, that children are the most vulnerable, as the establishment of harmony in the etheric is the basis for their continued healthy and integrated development. Excessive HF energies present a big obstacle for every little human who wants to prepare a body for incarnation, -and they make it hard for any adult, who is striving to achieve his or her potential. In that context it should be noted, that it is not just the sleeping place we should be concerned about. I believe, that healthy offices could improve creativity and productivity immensely.


It is very difficult to access information about this topic in Australia. I have found the Internet / World Wide Web very useful. Try ‘Indoor Pollution’, ‘Headaches’, ‘Electro Pollution’, ‘Building Biology’, but literature about electro pollution can at times even be found in public libraries, e.g. ‘Electromagnetic Man’.

    Let’s be constructive

Anyone reading about this for the first time may feel somewhat daunted and react with disbelief, anger, depression, panic - I would like to share my view that we are actually facing a great chance and challenge, here. The attitude of using the environment for our short sighted personal pleasure and gain can not be maintained any longer, as we realise how we don’t just destroy the earth but also ourselves. As we learn about the impact of HF on our own energy, we can’t help acknowledging the energy qualities of our body and of nature in general. The issue forces us to adjust our priorities for the sake of our health and to live more consciously a life of energy, inseparable from the energy around us. The more we accept the reality of this new form of pollution, the more we can do about it. We shall learn to look after and to constructively control our environment, which is really a part of ourselves.