Office Consultation

A healthy office is characterised by -

  • Fresh air, i.e. low in ozone, formaldehyde, VOC s, bacteria and mould spores.
  • Low electro-magnetic radiation from workstations and wiring.
  • Non-toxic building materials, furniture and furnishings.
  • Harmonious arrangement of furniture, colours, and pleasant acoustics.
  • A good 'office atmosphere':  People reflect their environment.

A healthy office helps to create a relaxed, but creative and productive atmosphere and happier staff.

A space for growth and expansion.

Key Benefits

        • Creativity
        • Collaboration 
        • Productivity
        • Joy of working


To create a safe and healthy office environment, which supports productivity, creativity, happiness and wellbeing.


The following steps will insure your office atmosphere is conducive to the above stated aim.

1.     Analysis:  Environmental assessment according to the Buildingbiological Measuring Standard.

2.       Overview: Brief consultation.

3.       Strategy: Written proposal for remediation of the situation, possibly outlining stages or alternative strategies.

4.       Solution: Meeting and consultation arising out of above proposal, with decision making for remediation, aiming to develop a plan of action.

5.       Remediation.

6.       Final assessment: A check-up, which might occur as physical control measurements, and sometimes interviews with the complainants*.


As every situation is different and requires a specific response, it is not possible to give advance pricing.  

However, we offer brief introductory consultations, during which we can outline the main issues in your office environment, for only $ 485.  Such consultations take up to 3 hours and include

  • Walkover

  • Preliminary measurements

  • Discussion

Based on this discussion, we will the be able to tailor a solution around your specific needs and prepare a detailed quotation accordingly, if you wish.


*Our work is done discreetly and in close cooperation with our clients, to avoid unnecessarily concerning the employees.