Soil Testing

Are you concerned about use of pesticides on your property? 

Pesticide residue?

We can test your soil for a variety of pesticides and organochlorides to 2 different levels of accuracy.  In most cases, the 'standard' analysis will suffice. 

We suggest that you take several samples at different locations on your property.  E.g. under the building, around the building, at the site of the proposed vegie garden or fruit tree, etc. 

Many properties are contaminated by indiscriminate use of termiticides over many years.  Organochlorides can stay active for 20 years, or more.

A report with explanations of the analysis and recommendations of actions to be taken is $ 150.

Please email or call for a quote.

Soil test 'detail'

Soil test with an accuracy of 0.001 mg/kg

minimum 3 tests of $ 348, each

Soil test 'standard'

Soil samples tested to an accuracy of 0.01mg/kg

minimum 5 tests of $ 182, each