Here is a collection of podcasts about Buildingbiology and aspects of Buildingbiology.  Of course, each of my hosts have a large library of inspiring and interesting podcasts, available to you.   -Enjoy!

Learn and Enjoy!

Sam Makhould from A Higher Branch and I had 3 sessions, together.


Mould, Feng Shui


Mark Bunn is the author of Ancient Wisdom, Modern Health.  An ayurevedic perspective.

Healthy Home, Healthy Office

How do you make a healthy, comfortable home that's sustainable and cost effective?


A Podcast exploring how to change our environment to become the new normal through conversations among friends. Join Laudy, Simone & Tammy who are seeking to inform & empower others to find clarity amongst the confusion.

Healthy Homes

Leila Lutz

She is a Health and Performance Coach with over 16  years' experience working with professionals and athletes,  finding the root cause of complex injury and chronic health related issues, then tailoring tangible, sustainable and goal driven programs that educate people, so they can reclaim their power to perform at their best.  

Healthy Homes, mould, EMR

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