Found your dream-home?

It is essential, to make sure your new home will support the health of yourself and your family.  Just as you order a pest inspection and a building report, - consider a health report.

When house-hunting, time is of the essence.  We will try our very best to check your proposed home asap. 

The consultation will include a walk-through, an assessment of any potential health threats and a verbal report, all on-site. 

We will check electro-pollution levels, signs of mould and moisture, formaldehyde, energy flow and quality, earth energies (if required).

Laboratory work will attract additional charges, if required.  See the other Services offered, here. 

Call for specific details or needs, - we make it happen!  02-47843734,


Pre-purchase property health check

The quick way to establish whether your new dream-home is healthy.. or not so healthy.