The latest generation of foils is super effective and yet, - barely visible.

  • Foil offers protection, be it from mobile phone transmitters or the neighbour's WiFi network. 
  • Paints are ideal for shielding walls, whether they are facing a mobile transmitter, 'smart meter', or fuse box on the other side of the wall.
  • Please feel free to ask for advice for the best solution in your particular circumstance.

    There is a wide range of shielding foils and paints available to us, far beyond what we can sell online.  We are happy to design and arrange the best solution for you.

    Our foil-installers have years of industry experience and take pride in their workmanship. Installation adds approximately $ 40 per square meter to the price.

    Please note that foils can not be returned.

    Foil RDF 99 Premium

    The high-tech foil RDF 99 Premium with high gold and silver content and amazing shielding properties but very high transparency.