Remember the beautiful air close to waterfalls?  Or on a dewy, fresh-air morning?  Or after a thunderstorm?  Or in the rain forest?

These are all places rich in negative oxygen ions and our body just loves breathing them.  It feels nourishing and energising. We move on, feeling regenerated and fresh.

Indoor air easily gets depleted of the essential negative oxygen ions by electrostatic surfaces, heating and air conditioning, see research in Information pages.

Air Purifier

  • Description

Ionisers are built to enrich your indoor environment, while taking out any unpleasant dusts and chemicals. 


  • They are particularly helpful for offices with bad air, where employees are exhibiting symptoms of sick building syndrome, low immunity or fatigue.
  • Allergies improve, as pollen and dust are filtered out by HEPA grade filtration
  • Sleep improves, as allergens are filtered out
  • Asthma sufferers have reported improvement in their condition
  • VOC are filtered and absorbed by the activated carbon filter 
  • All places with many people and 'used' air, which needs filtering and re-conditioning, benefit from the air purifier.  Many pubs and clubs are employing them to clean the air for their patrons.
  • Larger models are available.