dowsing l


We are selling two types of rods -

  1.     Dowsing rods, L-shape
  2.     Dowsing rods, telescopic/portable.

They are made from brass and copper, the telescopic part from chromed steel.  The rod swivels with hardly any friction.

The dowsing rods are 20 cm long.

The telescopic rods are 24 cm long and fold up like shown in the picture.

Both rods are made in US.  Instructions included.

Dowsing Manual

Gives a great introduction on earth energies and dowsing.  More of Harald Tietze's books can be found at

Dowsing Rods

Let yourself be amazed at the magic of subtle energy movement of the L-Dowsing Rods!

Dowsing Rods, telescopic

Find water, find earth energies, like Leylines, the Hartmann Grid or the Curry Grid.  Fault lines, energy wells, - these sensitive telescopic dowsing rods will help you find your way.