Natural Bedding

 Natural mattresses, made from organic, renewable resources and without any metal components.

We are offering the most natural latex mattress in Australia made with carbon neutral organic latex (GOLs), wrapped in natural wool, and covered in a organic cotton and hemp blended fabric (GOTs).

 Direct from the factory to you, these mattresses are top quality for very competitive pricing.  They are hand made by an artisan company in Sydney/Australia, who have been making healthy, natural mattresses and bed frames for over 25 years. They use only the best materials and pride themselves in their quality of workmanship.  

They have an excellent range of natural mattresses for all ages, shapes and sizes. Mattresses are constructed using natural and organic materials; organic cotton, natural wool, naturally rubberised coconut fibre (coir), and carbon neutral organic latex. We use different combinations of these materials to provide a range of different levels of firmness and comfort.

Our showroom is in the Blue Mountains, NSW, 90 minutes from Sydney CBD.

Our mattresses are made from real, pure latex, -not talalay 'latex' or thin layers of latex on top of an ordinary mattress.

Consecutive orders by existing customers attract a 5 % discount.

The right mattress could help you to avoid cancer.  See the News section for research results.

Natural Bedding Company

CLOUD Latex Mattress

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Soooooo soft and cosy. -

The body-hugging cloud.

The Cloud 9 is our most popular mattress. The luxurious and comfortable layering makes for an excellent sleep – you may even say it feels like you are sleeping on a supportive cloud! The Cloud 9 is 23cm thick consisting of a 15cm natural latex core layered with natural ripple latex on both sides and wrapped in a soft layer of Australian Downs wool. This "sandwich" is then enclosed and hand stitched into a 100% cotton herringbone fabric cover using NO glues or harmful chemicals. Our latex is pin cored to allow airflow to circulate within the mattress. It also had 5 posture zones for full body support. Latex is naturally flame retardant, dust mite resistant, non-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal while the wool works as a great temperature regulator.

The natural latex rubber foam is made from 100% natural latex rubber straight from the rubber tree. The benefits of natural latex rubber foam include its being antibacterial, mould-free, dust-free, non-allergenic, and filled with tiny holes to allow air circulation. It uniquely combines excellent back support with comfort as it moulds to the shape of the body. The natural ripple latex adds softness to the support of the medium firm latex. The wool we use has been specially selected for its long fibres and soft, springy resilience. Wool is hypoallergenic and naturally flame retardant. Wool is also very good temperature regulator keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Maintaining this mattress involves turning only.

Guarantee:  10-Year manufacturer's guarantee

Natural Bedding Company

Supreme Mattress

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This is a section of a perfect design for people, who prefer a firm, yet springy mattress, providing maximum customer health while causing minimum environmental impact:  The Supreme.

It does not harden, like futons, and it does not become hot and saggy like foam. The Supreme is 17 cm thick.

This mattress is self airing and the excellent breathing qualities of the materials assists in the regulation of body temperature.  By reducing the level of humidity in the mattress, we also reduce the number of dust mites. For back support, comfort, health and value for money, it is the best mattress on the market.


Rubberised Coconut Fibre Coir
Coiled and sprayed with latex rubber this fibre allows full air circulation, is hypo-allergenic, non-absorbent and very firm, offering excellent back support.

Latex Rubber
This natural product from the rubber tree is anti-bacterial, mould free, dust free, non-allergenic and filled with tiny holes to allow air circulation. It uniquely combines excellent back support with comfort as it moulds to the shape of the body.  We use medium density foam (75 kg/m) with very low ash content (3.5%).

The wool used has been specially selected for its long fibres and soft, springy resilience. Wool is hypo-allergenic and naturally flame retardant. As a mattress fibre it is unequalled in its ability to maintain temperature and humidity at a level which keeps the body free from stress, thus enabling a sound sleep all year round.

Key Benefits

  • Made from organic and renewable resources (coconut fibre, latex, wool, canvas)
  • The latex is absolutely natural, without solvents.
  • No metal springs to collect and amplify electric fields and other electromagnetic energies.
  • The pre-washed cover has been cleaned of the chemical treatment agents usually found in mattresses.
  • Outstanding value

10 years manufacturer's guarantee

Latex and Hemp

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This beautifully simple mattress is 15 cm thick, surrounded by organic hemp fabric.
  • Ideal for children or adults of all ages.
  • Comfortable back and hip support
  • Latex naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & dust mite resistant
  • Pre – shrunk hemp fabric cover, which can be easily removed and washed (cold water)
  • Ideal for those who suffer from allergies or chemical sensitivities
  • All Natural latex creates increased airflow for comfort and relaxation

Rotate and flip mattress regularly

Our Latex and Hemp mattress is unique in that it is produced with a supportive 15cm carbon neutral organic latex core and an organic cotton and hemp blend cover – materials that are naturally flame retardant, dust mite resistant, non-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. The organic cotton and hemp blend cover can be removed for machine washing in cold water (great for kids!). This mattress is also popular with our customers who want a mattress without wool (hello vegans!) or something more portable and easier to handle. The latex is pin cored to provide excellent back and hip support. It has 7 posture zones offering excellent lumbar support. The construction of the Latex and Hemp mattress uses NO glues or harmful chemicals.

Can be made in custom sizes.

Natural Bedding Company

Latex Contour Pillow

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This Pillow is pure latex foam, manufactured from natural rubber trees, which are cultivated in Malaysia. It is a natural product, manufactured from the fusion of renewable natural resources utilising the latest state of the art technology.

Latex, unlike feathers, wool or synthetic fillers will hold its shape over time, and offer comfort and support while you sleep.
... No punching the pillow back into shape halfway through the night...

The pillows come with a washable zip-off cover, made from a hemp/organic cotton blend. 

The pillow can only be purchased in combination with a mattress.

Product Attributes:

- No filler, extenders of additives are added. Hence the intrinsic green strength of natural latex is retained.

– Snooze Pillow comprises an intricate but advantageously desirable network of ultra micro-cellular structure distributed homogeneously across the whole pillow, made possible by using the latest microvent technology.

Natural Ventilation
- Snooze Pillow has built in mini-pins cavitation across the whole pillow care interspersed with channels. Such a characteristical configuration promotes maximum natural ventilation and maximum sleeping comfort.

- To achieve an optimum level of cleanliness and hygiene, every piece of Snooze Pillow is subjected to a stringent and orderly washing regime, which is very necessary to leach-extract out the soluble non-useful non-rubber contents.

Non-toxic chemicals
- Unlike mattress, pillow presents maximum contact with the body via our heads. Taking cognizance of possible allergy to highly sensitive people, Snooze Pillow is manufactured to have non-toxic chemicals.

- Snooze Pillow is hygienic, anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant, contaminant-free and non-toxic product. The intrinsic colour of natural rubber latex is retained.

Natural Rubber
- As only pure natural latex is used in Snooze Pillow, the product retains the (as yet) unchallenged green strength of natural rubber. Its superb flexibility, elasticity and resilience characteristics give Snooze Pillow the best buy on a balance of comfort, durability, health, Eco-friendly and price.


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Note that delivery is not included in the price.  We will email you delivery costs before your order will get processed, to confirm the final price with you. If you wish, you can arrange for your own transport, as well.

As mattresses are heavy, the trucks need to have a lift (WHS).