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Bed Shielding

Canopy protection while you sleep!

They look like mosquito nets, but they have a fine silver/copper thread woven into.  Our ready-made bed shields protect against electromagnetic radiation during the most important time: While you sleep. 

Especially recommended for people with chronic diseases. 

  • Better sleep
  • Better regeneration
  • Stronger immunity
  • more fun!

New Daylite Bed Canopy

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Beautiful and functional, - the New Daylite

Top of the range HF shielding canopy

A very light and breathable material to shield HF radiation from radio/tv/mobile phones, etc.

If your aim is the shielding of High Frequency Radiation, this is a very efficient solution.  However, Topaz can not be earthed, if you intend to protect yourself against electric a/c fields.

Beautiful looks and style.  Comes without the wooden stakes, to keep freight within reason.

Can't be earthed for electric fields.

Technical Data:

Size:                  Queen (2.2m) or or single size, but adaptable. 

Colour:              White

Properties:        Washable (30 degrees Celsius), colour fast, anti-static, iron, sew.

Material:            78 % polyester, 21% copper, 1% silver

Shielding:          25 dB at 1 GHz

Due to the wider weave, the New Daylite is not as good at higher frequencies. 

4 ceiling attachment points, and channels for optional rods.


Naturell Bed Canopy

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A beautiful cotton fabric.  The very fine shielding thread is entirely invisible. 

Precision, made in Switzerland.

Naturell breathes well, but is not suited for hot climates, due to its tighter weave. 

It has a very high shielding efficiency, because of the close weave.

Material:  82% unbleached cotton, 17% copper, 1% silver

Earth: Can not be earthed, as the fabric is not directly conductive

Can be washed, ironed, sewn

38db shielding!  See graphic for details.

The queen size is for up to 2.2m bed width.

The canopy has 2 -overlapping- entrances.

Attached to 4 ceiling points.  Optional channels for 4 rods for extra stability sewn in.

Floor Mat

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Floor shielding.  Protection from HF radiation or LF fields from underneath, to complete the Faraday Cage. - Also suitable as earthing matt.


With 50 dB attenuation !

Made from our fleece YMC-50-150. Basis is a stable PP-fleece, on one side coated with zinc.

The sheets with 0.5 mm are very flat and are not sewed at the edges. The black fleece-side must always face towards the floor, the silvery metal-side would scratch the floor. Place over it a carpet or a material of your choice.

Use 2 mats for wider beds.

Cover mat with carpet.

Grounding: To shield electrical fields (LF) this product can be grounded with our Velcro grounding plate GV. You need the grounding set to connect it to the earth in your power point.

Fabric care: No fabric: No wasching | No ironing.

Application: Canopy underlay

Field type: LF (Low frequency alternating electrical fields), HF (High frequency electromagnetic radiation)

Color: Black and Silver

Technical data

  • Attenuation: 50 dB
  • Size double bed (U2M): Width 290 cm, length: 290 cm
  • Scope of supply double bed (U2M): 2 sheets YMC-50-150. The two sheets are laid 10 cm overlapping.
  • NOTE  for Grounding: 2 plates GV, 2 cables GC20/GC500, 1 plug GD have to be ordered seperately.  Please email. For Australian customers, the plugs don't fit and require converters.

With sewed on Velcro-areas for our grounding plate GV.

Screening attenuation: All stated attenuation values apply at 1 Ghz. Measurement to ASTM D4935-10 or IEEE Std 299-2006 or IEEEE Std 1128-1998 or ASTM A698/A698M-07.  Report on request.

Earthing Set

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This combination will allow you to connect the floor mats (or canopy) to the earth in your power point. 

The kit consists of

  • plate GV, which connects to the velcro on the mat
  • cable GC-200, a 2 m cable
  • plug GX-B for USA, etc.

for Australia, a converter plug to Australian power points