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Bed Shielding

Canopy protection while you sleep!

They look like mosquito nets, but they have a fine silver/copper thread woven into.  Our ready-made bed shields protect against electromagnetic radiation during the most important time: While you sleep. 

Especially recommended for people with chronic diseases. 

  • Better sleep
  • Better regeneration
  • Stronger immunity
  • more fun!

Note - Make sure to order the appropriate grounding plug, cable, connector.  Feel free to call.

New Daylite Bed Canopy

Beautiful and functional, - the New Daylite

Naturell Bed Canopy

A beautiful cotton fabric.  The very fine shielding thread is entirely invisible. 

Precision, made in Switzerland.

Floor Mat

Floor shielding.  Protection from HF radiation or LF fields from underneath, to complete the Faraday Cage. - Also suitable as earthing mat.

Earthing Set

This combination will allow you to connect the floor mats (or canopy) to the earth in your power point. 

GM connector

Grounding plate for canopies, fabrics, fleeces, nettings, etc. The both plates are bound together from two strong magnets.

GC200 cable

Grounding cables to connect our grounding components.

GX-1 plug

Grounding plug for portable products. Type I (AS/NZS 3112; GB 1002; IRAM 2073).